At the time, Zhyul Vern has awakened a real hysteria on the ocean, its mysteries and treasures resting on the bottom. After more than 100 years for those who dreams about the depth of research, but realistic about their chances, the game industry makes it possible to somehow fulfill those dreams. In early February, the series of games of such a plan has expanded from Diluvion Arachnid Games.

Diluvion – Action-adventure game with a slight tinge of RPG. You will play the role of the captain of the submarine, go in search of the means to return to mankind former greatness – certainly not out of the goodness of his heart, and for the sake of riches and fame.

Initially, you only have to ship the correct steering and Jay Tredvasser number one goal – to go to a bar to drink and hire someone.

Fortunately, the road to a bar known jamb orange fish (as well as some other important ways). The rest will have to rely on themselves.

The navigation load a certain extent take the compass and “Arcade” mode where you can change the direction of rotation of the camera. Sharpened by a gamepad control involves three basic running speed and reverse, full stop, turbo boost and a very awkward turns aside. And if you decide to play with keyboard and mouse, the latter can become your headache.

Although the gameplay is mostly focused on the proper management of the submarine, it is an important aspect of the mini-location data in the section.

This mode allows you to interact with your crew and the NPC, to buy provisions / shells and sell unnecessary and collect loot (which did not cause the original owners or protection of any response). In addition, you will also be able to improve the parameters of the submarine.

For couples article answers the individual compartments of the submarine, and their performance, in turn, is determined by the characteristics of sailors that can be improved with the help of the mascots.

Crew members who remained in the cabin, engaged in repair of the body, so if you are going to attack, for example, pirate ship, do not forget to remove one sailor from the post.

And this is perhaps the only tactic for fighting. The typical approach is implemented Diluvion fighters to battle, and then more and more depends on your skill and ability to cope with not the most user-friendly controls. In addition, it is necessary to maneuver to adjust the height and shoot, you must keep in mind the complete inadequacy of the camera during the battle.

Overview of the environment and so neporotliv – but not enough to spoil the research part, but during labor it becomes a real torture: the camera “takes” in the texture of the submarine and the ship itself at turns often goes into a skid.

The situation could be remedied locking system on purpose, but it is, alas, no. Theoretically, you can advance to embark on an advantageous position if you find an enemy submarine with radar, but it will give you the maximum comfort a few seconds of combat.

Diluvion tries to seem the least casual – and not in the most successful aspects – and the battle is not the only example. Suppose you need resources. Steering reports that can be found in a place called Reynford.

That’s just where it is, it certainly will not tell you, and no trace on the map referred to locate there, and you have no choice but to go somewhere random, wasting food and oxygen supplies