Digital Foundry talked about SSD benefits for future consoles – review

Companies Sony and Microsoft right after announcement next-generation consoles announced “revolutionary” changes in the storage system. We are talking about high-speed SSDs, which should, according to the developers, dramatically improve the gameplay.

Of course, this was taken with skepticism, because such drives have long been used on PCs and no one is surprised. However, in the technical department Eurogamer (Digital foundry) stated that there is still a difference and it is much more than a simple download acceleration.

The bottom line is that the consoles plan to use GDDR6 memory, which will be both operational and video buffer. Rich Leadbetter from DF believes that this memory is still expensive, so it’s hardly worth counting on more than 12-16 GB.

Because it is logical that Sony and Microsoft began to look closely at other types of memory. High-speed SSDs can be used as virtual RAM. Note that AMD showed such technology in 2017. Then the “red” equipped the video card Radeon Pro SSG two TB solid state memory. And although it is not yet on the PC, it is possible that the developments were used for consoles.

According to Leadbetter, just such a bunch will allow you to almost instantly download games and switch between applications. However, it will be possible to find out exactly about this no earlier than the summer of 2023, and try it only in the fall.