Devolver Digital canceled all games – even Cyberpunk – review

A week ago Devolver digital in jest announced ultimatum: if by December 21 the publisher’s twitter account is not read by 2 million people, it will cancel all video games. Even Cyberpunk.
Unfortunately, such high stakes did not help the company attract a large audience – today it has only 189.7 thousand readers. This is significantly less than the requested number. The bottom line is Devolver Digital had to “Cancel video games indefinitely.”
Many came to grief, including CD Projekt RED. Cyberpunk 2077 Account Eloquently reportedthat such a decision upset the developers.

Devolver: Unfortunately, this is already beyond our power. But Cyberpunk looked hot
CD Projekt RED: Do you know what else is hot?
Devolver: Don’t say that our mothers, otherwise we will have to close the account.

Twitter account Devolver Digital can be called the most free expression. They calmly talk about the product of their colleagues: an example, noting the big sales of the third “The Witcher” on the background of the release of the series Netflix.

The publisher himself is known for many popular and recognized projects, including GRIS, Hotline Miami, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, My Friend Pedro, Broforce, Shadow Warrior, The Talos Principle and others.