Developers of mobile Injustice 2 apologize to the LGBT community for the event

Developers of the mobile version of the superhero fighting game Injustice 2 made an official apology to the LGBT community for the event on the occasion of the celebration Months of pride

The fact is that as part of the game event, Poison Ivy was chosen as the main villain, and she, as you know from the comics, is a bisexual character. Thus, it turns out that in order to complete game challenges and receive rewards, Pride Month players need to beat up a character representing a sexual minority, which became the reason for indignation on the part of some players.

For this reason, the authors of mobile Injustice 2 posted a statement on their Twitter page in which they apologized for the “inappropriate” event, emphasizing that violence against LGBTQIA + representatives takes place in real life, so they realized their mistake and did not want to normalize it is also in virtual spaces. Finally, the developers promised to fix the current situation.

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