Detroit: Become Human

In Detroit: Become Human we return to impersonate no more than one but three main characters.
After having met Kara, the first sentient android, grabbed by his assembler in the tech demo that Quantic Dream had made for PS3, and Connor, Norman Jayden’s spiritual healer detective seen in the gameplay of E3 2016, the new trailer shown during the show Playstation of E3 2017 has introduced us to Marcus, the third playable character who seems to struggle to grant the same human rights to androids.
Defined as a “very special android”, Marcus possesses somehow the ability to “wake up” the androidsand make her followers in this struggle for their freedom that we will determine with our choices. So the scenario shown during the conference, where the goal is to release some androids from a kind of shop where they are sold, can evolve along paths that are also completely different: among the various possibilities is to see Marcus end up in jail , as well as the revolt in the square or a more pacifist approach and without victims.
Whatever the outcome, however, the story continues and evolves accordingly , also affecting other characters, just like in Heavy Rain.
This translates not only into a good rewritability, but in such a flexibility that a player’s story might turn out to be completely different from another, precisely because of the individual choices that define it. Many games within a single title, once again able to capture inside with an emotional and introspective charge that represents the trademark of Cage and Quantic Dream, supported by an already excellent performance capture in Beyond and a enviable technical quality.
The only question at this point remains the most obvious when talking about David Cage: video game or interactive movie?
Detroit: Become Human
The emotions of an android
Since the first Detroit presentation , Become Human has declared itself to be an adventure whose goal is to tell the contrast between human nature and that of androids as never before, and considering what David Cage used to us, we have no doubts which might be so.
In a world where androids have joined the human population to serve it, the unexpected development of emotional feelings has undermined their role of objects and has made the distinction between being alive and machine really subtle. An androide that experiences emotions and has self-consciousness can really be considered a set of circuits and just enough? Can you accept to live without the same rights that men enjoy?
This psychological conflict does not waste time physically occurring with the arrival of Marcus, sentient androids just like Kara and revolutionary leader who claims to gain a deserved freedom just for being able to understand it .
With these premise it is understood how the gameplay we have tried, where the Androide Connor is called to rescue a hated kid from another android, takes on an even higher value in the life of little Emma. The same mother’s welcome, desperate to see that the detective sent by the police is just an android, is enough to understand the discrimination that a great part of humans try for what is different from them, a concept not so strange to today’s reality that surrounds us.
Moving within the Phillips family attorney, we immediately notice a SWAT team holding the target shot, some on-ground agents and two victims, Phillips and an agent. Just as with Norman Jayden in Heavy Rain, our job is to bring around Connor to analyze what might be essential information for the success of the mission, or in this case to convince the android Daniel to let go of the little Emma healthy and save .
To accompany us during the exploration with a success indicator with a percentage that can go down or down depending on how well we do our job: each analysis is used to reconstruct the events but without a good observation spirit we could lose the most important details .