Without breath
Riding on the previous culinary metaphor, we start from the first three forks, a real explosion of taste and flavor: at its launch, DESYNC strikes for its style, full of neon lights and fluorescent colors that, coupled with unremitting electronic synthwave ru
mbling in the crates, it stuns the player and leaves him sleepy on what to do and where to go in the midst of that tangle of fuchsia polygons and blues that move across the screen. A little at a time takes shape in the central hub and it is understood that the various triangles that make up a suspended sphere represent the various levels to deal with: very few clues, but as far as it is done.
The first arena, however, makes it straightforward as it is: DESYNC is a damned frenetic shooter, never leaves the time to take the breath, because a wave of enemies is over there is a second and then a third. It jumps, runs, slides and shoots, but, more importantly, combines these abilities to k
ill in ever more imaginative, different and articulate monsters that fill the scenarios, especially when the weaponry begins to grow and next to The first laser gun adds shootgun, mitra and, moreover, a kind of grenade launcher, each with a primary and secondary fire.
With a shotgun, a cyberpunk minotaur blows up in the air, with a glide approaching and ends with a last ray that sends it straight to a wall from which lethal spikes come out: the only limit is the player’s inventive and we are sure that even after hours and hours of laser ringing, many
of the killings are still completely obscure. Indesyncstyle is not, however, end-to-face, because plotting acrobatic eliminations accumulates the points needed to scale the global ranking linked to each level and above all, it is guaranteed a good
dose of drops released by dying enemies, energy spheres with which to reload arms and recover life. To complete the work, we think of the arenas, made of narrow corridors, wider spaces, intersecting paths, but above all tools to exploit to kill that we had not yet discovered, how to cut a heavy robot rider into two huge ax hanging from the ceiling. Are you satisfied? Too bad, because we have just begun: As you progress in increasingly stealthy levels – not to say evil – you also access some places where you can strengthen your weapons,
Interrupted connections
The first few hours within DESYNC’s cyberpunk world are extremely fun, the challenge rate is high, but with some training and exploiting all the arena tricks, you always get the best and put out the killstreak exaggerated , but also confused, born is not well aware of which combination of moves and shots. Unfortunately, in all the frantic action taken by the adrenaline,
 the guys of The Forgone Syndicate have locked DESYNC inside a thick hermetic shell, which does not lend that information to the player to get the best out of the game and exploit, for example, the weaknesses of the various enemies, making their title even more complex than they already are. How do you spend accumulated “credits” when you pass levels to improve weapons and abilities? You do not understand it well, there are scree
ns, you unlock something, there are just a couple of letters, the tristol is uplifted, but it does not have the pale idea. This is worth a while around the world of DESYNC: the list of killings is almost infinite, when a new one is slid down for a moment and in theory the explanation of what has just been done, but in theory, appears, because in practice everything is enclosed in a few words that, moreover, are confused with that typical filter of retro-futuristic pseudo-1980s works. Another example of DESYNC’s lack of clarity: there are enemies of all kinds, they can attack closely, there are lenses and heavy ones, some flyers, others boomerang boomers, and there are not even the subtypes of re
ally hated psychedelic facehuggers and of all these variants, some have special colors that, if killed with a particular combination, give you, for example, momentary speed or resistance boosts. It is a shame that the reading key often remains unwanted, leaving the player to his most casual attempts in search of that stunt useful to earn the bonus made available but never really revealed.