Demons in the face in the DOOM VFR

The Maryland publisher has in fact just dropped the Skyrim VR card , before a trio of releases destined to complete with the arrival of Fallout 4 VR in a few days. In the middle, the arrival in our DOOM VFR helmets, unlike the other two titles designed with virtual reality in mind from the beginning.


The demons of the historic saga targata id Software are therefore ready to hunt us in a whole new dimension, this time immediately on multiple platforms, since unlike Skyrim VR, DOOM VFR is in fact available for PC (HTC Vive) and PlayStation 4. It was the Sony console that hosted our return to Mars, a year after the reboot of the series released in 2016 . To know how it went, you just have to keep reading.


For the benefit of those who do not know where DOOM VFR comes from, we immediately say that it serves to make the acronym of Virtual Fucking Reality, a sort of homage to the BFG (Big Fucking Gun) weapon recurring in the DOOM series titles . Since the last of these, the aforementioned chapter released last year, DOOM VFR inherits the setting on Mars, within the research center UAC invaded by demons.At the beginning of the game we are called to control the last human survivor, who is actually killed by a demon.


Thanks to some devilry the conscience of the victim ends up inside an artificial robotic organism, through which he can then try to understand what has happened, at the same time restoring the normality within the structure. The old demonic knowledge swarms, and according to the tradition of the saga, the plot is just a small excuse to start cleaning up the infestation through adrenaline firefights in the company of an exuberant number of diabolical creatures.


In the case of DOOM VFR is actually the protagonist to tell the story of the plot with his own words, perhaps to allow those who have the viewer in mind to get more in the part.If you have not played DOOM in 2016, however, do not worry: the link between this and DOOM VFR is very weak and there is no need to be aware of what was said a year ago ,


if not to find common points in enemies and in the settings. For the rest, DOOM VFR alternates the brutal and adrenalinic clashes typical of the series with moments of relative calm, in which the player is called to solve small puzzles. In total, to complete everything, it takes between three and four hours, which can be increased if you want to collect collectibles or try again the challenge at higher levels of difficulty.

Demons in the face in the DOOM VFR review


DOOM VFR has a total of fifteen trophies, none of which are of Platinum type. The only Golden can be obtained by completing the game to all the difficulties available, while the only one of Silver collecting the collectibles present in the adventure. The other thirteen are therefore all Bronze and cover various aspects of DOOM VFR such as the collection of weapons and ammunition, teleportation and killing of enemies with telefrag.


The DOOM VFR control system is compatible with all the alternatives that PlayStation VR has to offer. The dynamics put in place by id Software make the movement by teleportation their central pivot, adding to the fighting the so-called telefrag: teleporting into the body of a demon that has suffered enough damage can make it explode into a thousand pieces.A dynamic that lends itself perfectly to the bloody universe of DOOM,


at the same time squeezing the eye to the limitations imposed on the use of the two Move controllers, with which free movement is not foreseen.


The system of strafe in the four main directions is a useful adjuvant for the movements, but if you want free movement you have to turn to an Aim Controller or to the normal DualShock 4.


Both solutions defend themselves well, but they are not exempt from defects: in the first case as regards the optimization of the interface and the view, while in the second one loses a bit in terms of identification, making DOOM VFR more like a game not in virtual reality.


As happens elsewhere, if the standard controller is used the aim is entrusted to the movements of the head, leaving the body control to stick and buttons: apart from the alternative between teleportation and free movement, the options to reduce the motion sickness mainly concern the rotation of the body visual, also free or in increments of a configurable number of degrees.