Dell showed prototypes of a two-screen laptop and laptop with a folding screen

Company Dell obviously decided to surprise everyone, so she brought on CES 2023 two prototypes of devices of the future at once. These are laptops with dual and folding screens. The first model is called Duetand she is very similar to Surface neo the company Microsoft. Up to the keyboard, which can be mounted on top of one of the screens.
Specifications are not given yet, but obviously they will also be close to Surface Neo. You can expect the processor to be installed inside. Intel Tiger Lake, high-speed storage and Wi-Fi module 6.

Device Dell concept orient It looks much more interesting. This is a tablet with a flexible OLED display that allows you to fold the computer in half, like a book. Its specifications are also not specified.

At the same time, we note that both prototypes work on Windows 10, and not on Windows 10X, which is understandable. The new OS has not yet been submitted. Obviously, after the release it will be used already, because the release of the updated “ten” is expected in the summer, and ready-made hardware solutions – not earlier than the end of the year.

Of course, it’s too early to talk about prices, but given the cost of the analogue Lenovo at $ 2,500, it is logical to assume about the same amount in the case of Dell.