Write a review Deformers was not easy, because the game can already be considered obsolete his own. Every day for the last week I launched a search for players in any of the presented modes, but nine times out of ten was sitting alone in the lobby, and hoped for a miracle.

Forums are dead, too, in the relevant section on Reddit eight readers, and according SteamSpy, sold only a few thousand copies of the game. There is nothing surprising: $ 30 – this is quite a large sum, especially in the current full year of excellent releases.

Even though the authors themselves did not want to attract the attention of the audience – the main menu Deformersis only start of the match and “customization” of the characters. There is no training at all, even getting out during the download prompt any smart tips are not allowed.

Rather banal explanation of what you need to do is wish good mood and asked to enjoy the gameplay. But will get it only to those who will understand quickly in the local mechanic, but it will take more than one or two matches.

Deformers – is a shooter in which a variety of creatures to get a rounded shape hanging in the air arena. Their task – to throw opponents break or destroy them on their own, bringing the stock of their health to zero. Who made the best is the winner.

Modes too little: is designed for eight battle to the death, there is the command version and its Form Ball – an attempt to interest fans League Rocket .

If the first two is still possible to find people to play football at all no one wants, but it’s for the better – this seems to be the most melancholy of all the fun.

In normal combat eight players involved death, and in the team, they are divided into groups of four. The essence remains the same, just in the first instance have to rely only on themselves. Gameplay elements thus remain exactly the same: a small arena, three rounds of two minutes, scattered everywhere temporary improvements or weapons.

By pressing R2 accelerates the character, and when the button is released, rushes forward – this allows and escape from an uncomfortable situation, and repel enemies in contact with them. One such hit your opponent takes about half “lives,” and if correctly calculated, does succeed and throw it off the map.

Spooky monster right to feel sorry for one will not be.

Before the start of each round, you can choose the appearance of your “deformer”, as well as one of the five classes.

The most balanced among them – Ranger: he rolls pretty fast, and pushed cool and frail it can not be called. Who can survive longer choose the Guardian, which has a large supply of health and low speed. Speedster, on the contrary, is very fast and agile. Striker caused great damage in a collision with “Skywarp,” Marksman and excellent long-distance shooting.

Nobody forbids to play one of the three rounds, for example, for the ranger, and then change the class depending on the opponent, the cards or mood.

The problem is that every game turns into a circus because of the desire of all participants to repeat for the other ideal operating strategy. If people saw Striker successfully demolishes almost all the health of the enemy, and at the same time throws them so far, that the escape is not possible, in a few minutes all will play for them.

In Deformers no way to somehow “counter” of opponents, use their skills against them, because of what the school system makes the matches just boring and not varied.