Deficit of PlayStation 5 without disc drive is inevitable – Eurogamer reports critically small number of consoles

Previously appeared on the network information about the very limited launch run of the console Playstation 5 without a disk drive. Most of the implemented systems after the opening of pre-orders are the flagship models with a disk drive. This information is confirmed by the portal Eurogamerwho spoke with British retailers.

Representatives of one of the largest retail chains told reporters that the cheap PlayStation 5 model accounted for only 25% of the initial circulation.

At the same time, observers note, in other chain stores the situation is similar or even with a more serious shift, where “diskPS5 occupy whole 80% from general supplies, and in some cases even order 90%

As the analyst notes Benji sales, such a situation may lead to the fact that before the beginning of next year to acquire “budgetary“option Playstation 5 it will simply be impossible, and the Sony management did not inform the players even before the start of accepting pre-orders

Next Generation Console Launch Playstation 5 in a number of regions already 12 november, Russian users will have to patiently wait until November 19

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