Debut Trailer Death Stranding Saved Low Roar – review

In an interview Vg247 lead vocalist Low roar Ryan Karazia admitted using the song I’ll Keep Coming in the debut trailer Death stranding actually saved the group.

According to the singer, before the deal with Sony, the team recorded music on a laptop in the kitchen, and when the corporation came up with a proposal to conclude an agreement on the use of the composition, no one knew where it would be added and how it would affect the fate of the whole group.

However, after the announcement of Death Stranding, the affairs of the once-niche group went uphill, and fans in the comments on YouTube are still talking about how excited they are about the music (and Death Stranding).

However, the members of the musical group themselves have not yet reached Death Stranding, because now they are traveling around the world with their concerts.

By the way, the musicians twice personally met with Hideo Kojima, who helped the group in difficult times.

He is a wonderful person.

Ryan Karasia

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