Dead Island 2, apparently, is being remade for Xbox Series and PS5 – the game will not be released on older consoles, according to vacancies

Creators of the long-suffering zombie shooter Dead island 2, apparently, have finally abandoned the release on Pastgen.

It was originally announced back in 2014 for PC, Xbox one and Playstation 4, however, the project fell into a production hell and completely missed the last generation. In 2020, information appeared that Dead Island 2 could become a crossgen title, and now we are talking about the fact that the game, apparently, will be released only on nextgen

Information about this users discovered in open vacancies Dambuster Studios… IN one of them mentions that the studio is currently working on an AAA title for next generation consoles and PCs… The developers do not explicitly indicate that this is Dead Island 2, however, almost every other vacancy mentions that the studio is currently working on the next part of the Dead Island franchise and is recruiting new specialists to help with development.

In particular, Dambuster needs a rendering systems programmer, in the mandatory requirements for which it is indicated that he has experience working with DirectX 12 and DirectX Ray TracingAccording to the job description, the job seeker will “actively participate in raising the visual bar on high-performance platforms using the latest rendering technologies.”

This may indicate that at some point Dead Island 2 began to be redone, or completely restarted under Xbox series x and Playstation 5

Since the announcement, the development of Dead Island 2 has been entrusted to three different studios, the last of which, Dambuster Studios, picked up the project in 2019. Deep Silver has not commented on the status of the game for a long time, however, in the reporting documents, it is still mentioned among future releases.

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