Dead Age

Work like this – to survive!

Dead Age has all the trappings of a typical survival-game. But here it is important not the presence or absence of originality, and how elaborated gameplay elements. So, they worked at a decent level.

We take on the role of a young man who, finding themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, first looking for his missing sister, then she finds her already infected, with tears in his eyes and lays her head falls into the camp survivors. Of course, almost immediately, he becomes the new leader, which is now based on the life of others.

And to survive difficult. The passage is divided into days, and saved only progress at the end of the next day – if you die before, start a new game. To avoid this, you need to properly develop the characters, collect important for the survival of resources (food, materials, instruments) and correctly distribute the responsibilities among the wards.

Each of the survivors, whose numbers are gradually increasing, there are both military and craft skills. Therefore it is possible to create specialists.

Someone will mostly go along with you and fight, using his advanced skills in dealing with this or that type of weapon, and someone better to “sharpen” under the job in camp. There you can hunt, collect plants, “Kraft” weapons, armor and first aid kits, as well as to protect others.

For each duty meets your skill – Survival, Crafts, Medical, Cunning. They help during random events outside the camp.

Can you open the abandoned car, do not get hurt and do not activate the alarm (and the noise of running up ghouls), will the climb to the cave or to divert the attention of enemies to the team was able to quickly run farther – a chance to succeed in each case it depends on the level ” pumping “skill. However, for some reason,

Cunning is also responsible for the effectiveness of the protection of the camp, and for breaking locks, but it will charge to the mysterious logic of the German …

Dead Age game review

In the story, we are often forced to travel to key characters and locations alone.


Step by step test

Messing with the characters, to equip them to “pump” and redistributed on a particular job will have a lot. Someone, for example, after another sortie into the woods or on the highway in search of resources already on its last legs breathe – the next time it is better to leave to work in the camp, where health is gradually recovering.

However, if protection is small, and the threat of invasion of zombies or gangsters high, then there may be killed (as well as grab valuable resources). But it is a nice romp, from which the survival of the group depends directly.

Battles with the situation more complicated. As I said, they are implemented in a stepwise JRPG-style, but look much more primitive: You rivals stand opposite each other and in their turn bote that or other weapons, using items from the inventory, as well as offensive or defensive skills to, for example, , bring down the enemy down, or to treat an ally.

Actually, that’s it: no combinations, no recruitment of assistants or even the possibility to leave in defense there. The only tactic is to carefully use firearms (ammunition in short supply), often hand to hand to beat (and therefore melee need to “pump” to everyone!) And “make” in the first place the most dangerous opponents.

In this case, at every available location to pass a couple of dozen of the same such mundane struggles to get to the goal or mission to an important “boss.”

And the levels themselves are a special variety do not shine – for a long time, you will generally only available forest and the highway in the night or day options that differ only in the power of enemies and fall there resources. Random events to them, in spite of all mandatory in such cases, the “random”, and constantly repeated.