The plot is absolutely typical, one of the first artifacts so completely resembles the first entry The Walking Dead from Telltale. Of course, everything turned into a zombie, the circle of death and destruction, but the main character is a sheriff who protects the small settlement of survivors.

So far, there live only three people: you, the sheriff and another woman, but over time the number of mouths to feed will increase markedly.

Dead Age surprised a lot of conversations and text messages, though the genre is rather closer to the rogue-like, rather than a full-fledged RPG.

In the camp you can distribute the duties among the other survivors (except the sheriff and the very first ladies, who for some reason consider it my duty to inform you about the results of each day’s work, but do the work are not suitable), to conduct lengthy conversations with them (if the occasion to turn up) and receive tasks.

In general, Dead Age – it’s This War of Mine, only in the other decorations. And not so graceful.

Impressions from the Dead Age

Tasks here all as on selection – is X units of something, make the object Y, or get to the point Z. The point is that in addition to the work (hunting, guarding the camp, the creation of weapons, first aid kits, etc.) can be spent on day wandering through one of a number of available “cards”.

Well, the “map” – this too loudly. In fact, each location represents a chain of several screens: battle-finding-battle-battle-finding-battle, etc. Fights (according to the authors) are strongly reminiscent of the classic turn-based Final Fantasy, ie you can not move on the field, you just need to endure stoically kicking zombies and respond to shots and special techniques.

Impressions from the Dead Age

Leveling allows to improve the combat skills (including unlocks new ways for different types of weapons) and peace (ie, hunters will be able to bring to the camp more than living creatures-equipment can tinkering better weapons, etc.). And, like, good. The first hour and a half.

Then comes the realization that if the Darkest Dungeon become monotonous in the thirtieth or fortieth hour of the game, the Dead Age this disease affects about ninety minutes.

The combat system itself is quite boring, but there is an obvious imbalance and. Yes, zombie apocalypse situation should be felt all the shortage. Unless, of course, a close eye on the TV series “The Walking Dead”, in which Rick and his friends for that season does not suffer from a lack of ammunition.

Impressions from the Dead Age

But the result is that you spend your ability points on guns and pistols, which really did not find, and not to create the right amount of ammunition, it is better to invest in the skill melee: a blow with a stick is often as effective as a shot from a pistol! A second spetspriem from this branch makes it possible to send the opponent to the canvas for a couple of moves.

Music to praise not for that, and frankly ugly three-dimensional characters. Of course, not in the picture happiness, and in general the action scenes do not look so bad (although the animation, of course …), but the Dead Age in general nothing special pleases: history and situation – are commonplace, and the combat system – a simple, boring and unbalanced . In my opinion, if you want a RPG about zombies and survival, it is best Dead State is now just nothing.

Impressions from the Dead Age

On the other hand, the game has just started its journey in the “early access”: it is possible that more is better. More situations, more quests, more than the NPC more locations, the normal balance – and this game will be given a chance. Some of this, the developers promise to add another stage “beta” – we wish them good luck!