DayZ Creator’s Icarus Survival Launches Closed Beta For Preorders

Moreover, you can evaluate Icarus only on weekends: the first stage in the forest and without storms will last until tomorrow at 20:00 Moscow time. At the same time, tests, each of which is dedicated to individual elements of the project, will be held at intervals of a couple of weeks – until the beginning of November.

In Icarus, up to 8 people will have to leave the orbital station and go to the harsh world of Icarus, exploring the area, collecting, making tools and tracking animals.

In this case, you need to complete the tasks of the faction and look for valuable exoresources. After that, the players return to the station (if, of course, they can) to create new equipment and undertake an even more dangerous expedition.

The release of Icarus on Steam will take place on November 20 – now you can pre-order it on the Valve service for 463.5 rubles.

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