Darksiders Genesis added a new level of difficulty – review

Publishing house Thq nordic and developers from the studio Airship syndicate released second major patch for Darksiders genesis. The main innovations were a new level of complexity and the ability to change the speed of the game in single mode and split-screen mode.

Levels that were completed at the maximum difficulty level are marked with a special icon on the mission selection screen. In addition, for enemies that are visually blocked by the environment, the outline is now displayed, however this option can be disabled in the game settings.

Finally, the update made changes to the balance of some amplifiers and abilities, and also fixed various game bugs. You can find the full list of changes at the link.

Recall that Genesis is a role-playing adventure action, which takes place before the events of the original Darksiders. Players have to take on the role of War and Discord to stop Lucifer.

The game can be played both in a cooperative and alone, switching between the two main characters. Genesis is already available on PC and Stadia, and will reach PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch on February 14th.