The mechanics of stealth are fashionable. Dishonored, The Last of Us, Hitman: Absolution, Deus-Ex: Human Revolution , the coming Thief … There are many examples of good games that embrace with strength the slow progress and the victims that fall without waiting for it. our attack from the shadow. Realmforge Studios , traditional of the fantastic role, dare now with the genre of infiltration and silence, with this bland Darksealed by


Kalypso Mediathat despite having good ideas and a bunch of opportunities to express them does not really work as it should and stumbles in technical and playable aspects that now, at the end of generation, are not permissible on Xbox 360 and PC , the two


platforms on which it comes out . A vampire against the world, which of course we are going to incarnate, shows his teeth to relate with other characters, kill any human who is put in front of his reddish vital elixir and end a mysterious story that will not end from captivating the usual to action adventures .

Thirst for blood and answers

Eric Bane is our man, a young amnesiac who can barely remember flashes of his most recent past but little else, and who discovers that, like others around him, for some strange reason he is a vampire, with constant need for blood, vulnerability to sunlight and supernatural abilities that differentiate it from humans. From the shadows, he will have to face enemies that will come


to watch him like other monsters or unknowing vampires a priori superiors, also in search of victims that will serve him to feed his thirst for blood.


The other proper name of this plot of nightclubs, bars, alleys and abandoned precincts in general is that of the Geoforge Organization, a mysterious collective that seems to have something to do with the darkest parts of Bane’s blurred life and the context that surrounds him.

The design of the scenarios helps create situations and allows certain surprise attacks or hiding places.  Pity that the AI, very unstable and unreal, does not favor these moments.
The design of the scenarios helps create situations and allows certain surprise attacks or hiding places. Pity that the AI, very unstable and unreal, does not favor these moments.

This context falls on topics such as the American city where everything happens at nightfall, with an all-powerful character who must face an entire Organization and its soldiers, in a succession of scenes from contemporary vampire cinema and literature. It is true that the setting of these environments is taken care of in details and references so that the player feels that


Eric is truly going through these places and desperate situations. In addition, the architectural design of the spaces makes the levels are well recreated and this without giving side to the gameplay, facilitating various situations and mechanics as you hunt down


more and more enemies, almost all easily collapsible due to lethal movement in one stroke of the protagonist, who will also fall with just three bullets or punches.firearms or projectiles , although many will go through their feet to leave armed bodies on the ground.

From the first encounters in a nightclub, Eric will be interacting with other characters that can provide information or even assign optional tasks through a series of levels , not too many, where the stealth technique prevails over the action , although this can also be a resource in case of complicating things, for example against armed police or other enemies with


supernatural abilities and remote attacks. The best of all is that our protagonist improves and improves as he advances in his investigation, obtaining new abilities,

attacks and elusive that make him more powerful, and this without breaking the curve of difficultysince each new situation increases to a certain extent the requirement, that yes, we will arrive with a character remarkably more prepared.