Cyberpunk adventure: Guardian creator and author of Broken Sword unveils Beyond a Steel Sky

Studio developers Revolution Software published a new story trailer Beyond a steel sky – continued dystopian cyberpunk adventure Beneath a steel skycoming out on PC and Amiga back in 1994. The video introduces gamers to the plot of the game and allows you to evaluate the comic book-styled world created with the participation of Dave Gibbons – the legendary British artist who painted “Keepers

The protagonist of the sequel will again be engineer Robert Foster, who promised to return the boy kidnapped in the desert. Searches bring him to Union City – one of the last bastions of civilization in the war-torn world. The city is an impregnable fortress and a real utopia, where people live in happiness under the close supervision of artificial intelligence. Teaming up with a robot named Joey, Foster must unravel the secrets of this place, in the bowels of which there is true darkness.

The world in Beyond a Steel Sky will respond and adapt to all player actions. Each NPC living in Union City is self-willed and motivated, and their intelligent answers will allow you to find interesting and unexpected ways to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Leads development Charles Cecilauthor of the original Beneath a Steel Sky and series Broken sword.

The game will be released first on PC and Apple arcade, after which it will appear on consoles. Release date has not yet been disclosed.

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