Cyber sportsman and other career in the world of video games

“Video games lead you to a dead end” – this view is completely obsolete today, because now a talented cyber sportsman can get more successful lawyer. Fresh research by Momentum Worldwide showed that by 2022 the ninth year in e-sports will be more spectators and participants than in traditional sports.

Business publication Forbes asserts eSports – one of the most dynamic sectors of the world economy, the amount involved (fans and athletes directly) was close to the mark of 150 million people worldwide.

Western experts have estimated the average salary of gamer – Get $ 72 thousand a year.. Translations into Russian rubles at the current rate (5 of September), and we get 4 million. 154 thousand. Now, divide by 12 months and get 346 thousand. Per month. The next time, when the wife or parents will complain about the fact that you sat up late in the Dota 2 and CS: GO, show them the financial calculation.

In this cyber sportsman – it is not the only career path in the world of video games. One of the most obvious besides him – kiberkommentator. Incidentally, Gmbox together with its partners – the TV channel T24, Electronic Arts, Riot Games, and the Gaijin – holding a contest. The finalists will receive valuable prizes, and the winner will become a permanent kiberkommentatorom to T24 channel and next summer will go to E3 2018.

It should be noted that e-sports, and as such is not limited. Games and you ought to create, and lighting, and sell accordingly. Of course, in Russia and in many countries of the CIS relevant niche already occupied, but in the world of business idea of ​​gaming websites in the national language is still working. For example, in Malaysia, the first such site was opened just 2 years ago, and with it almost immediately signed contracts large companies such as Sony and the Acer, have estimated an impressive influx of users who do not speak English.

Job search in the world of video games becomes easier due to the complete lack of boundaries: This talent will always find a use, even if the customer is in the thousands of kilometers away. A great example – studio visual outsourcing Streamlined Studious, based in Amsterdam and moved much in Kuala Lumpur. Among the works Streamlined – the content Bioshock Infinite, Street Fighter V, Pillars of Eternity and Killer Instinct.

Expats often succeed, with occasional job seekers from other countries are very real dream job – a dream job. For example, the leading game designer Final Fantasy XV became Hazmer Wan from Malaysia. Square Enix could find someone in Japan, but the nationality and geographical location gradually fade into the background.

“Anyone who intends to engage in video games, should have a vast knowledge of computer languages ​​and be at least a good coder” – perhaps this statement was relevant 20 years ago, but certainly not today.

Landscape and interior designers, artists, animators, writers, acrobats, martial arts master, experts on small arms – to date igroproma can find work (or at least profitable freelancing for several months) the most unexpected specialists.

In this case, an honest (and possibly extensive) portfolio of their own work is now much more important than a diploma. An online community of IT-specialists Stacks Overflow, there are about 5 million subscribers, has conducted a large-scale survey, which found 70% of respondents engaged in self-education, and only 40% have a formal document confirming the qualifications in a particular field of computer.

In Western universities is rapidly gaining popularity a new specialty: marketing in the field of video games. Gamers – sensitive creatures: always know when they are trying to shove advertisements. Everyone at least going to hurt in the most unscrupulous projects of free-to-play, and now does not want to repeat the traumatic experience. A new wave of marketers learn how to sell to gamers. A good example of competent approach – real game bonuses Destiny for promo codes with cookies and energy drinks.

Career-related video games directly (or at least indirectly), has now become a reality. Each of you have a chance to turn his childhood and youth in the hobby business all his life, the main thing – to try.