Crytek finally reconciled with the creators of Star Citizen – review

Crytek and Cloud imperium finally reconciled, reaching an agreement out of court. The terms of the contract, however, were not disclosed. Most likely, we will never know about them.
The companies rivalry began in December 2017 when Crytek filed a lawsuit against Cloud Imperium. Then the creators of Star Citizen were accused of violating the contract – the developers had to use the engine Cryenginebut they changed it to Lumberyard from Amazon.

The funniest thing is that Amazon technology is based on the same CryEngine. The visual component of Star Citizen was supposed to be the property not only of developers, but also of Crytek itself, however, the contribution of the creators of Crysis was allegedly tried to minimize.

Cloud Imperium denied the allegations, stating that there was no agreement on the mandatory use of the engine. The company also filed a counterclaim.

Problems were added by Squadron 42 – a Star Citizen storyline campaign, which, as it turned out, the developers want to sell separately, which allegedly also violates the contract signed in 2012. Cloud Imperium responded to these claims that both games are in the same universe, and, owning both titles, they can be launched from one client.

In January of this year, Crytek asked to postpone the meeting until the release of Squadron 42, since it is completely pointless to judge what else is unclear when it will be released. In response, Cloud Imperium demanded $ 500,000 for costs and the end of the lawsuit.

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