Critics of Star Wars Ninth Episode Right – review

Last week premiere the final installment of the Skywalker saga, episode nineStar wars“.

The film received low ratings from critics and viewers, causing controversy over the work of Disney with the franchise.

The main complaints about the film are related to the lack of a plan for the entire trilogy, attempts to fix various aspects of The Last Jedi, sometimes ridiculous plot twists, decrepit narrative structure, and too many references and fan service.

In response to these complaints, the director of the film, JJ Abrams, stated that all criticism was fair, and its authors were right. However, those who liked the film are also right.

Now we live in moments when everything immediately comes down to indignation. Either you share my point of view, or you are my enemy.

JJ Abrams

Abrams is sure that now all modern society lives like this – this applies not only to fans of Star Wars. There is no dullness, no compromise, no compassion. There are only extremes and criticisms of everything and everything.

From the very beginning, we knew that any decision – in design, in music, in plot – would please some and enrage others.

JJ Abrams

Moreover, according to the director, between him and the director “The last jedi“Ryan Johnson has no enmity: Abrams first filmed”The awakening of power“And then Johnson withdrew his response to the seventh episode.

Now, Abrams shot a sequel based on Johnson’s work, having only full respect for the work of a colleague.