Country life

After last year’s unmissable appointment, the world’s most famous series of videogames returns to PCs and consoles with the promise of improving on the past while still remaining in its original concept. And a little crazy. Yes, because thinking of spending hours and hours with the pad in your hands to manage a farm can seem an absolutely senseless experience, but then retrace your steps once you have done the first few meters aboard a tractor to plow and fertilize the fields of our new farm.


After the endless wave of senseless simulators that have invaded our gaming libraries in the last years and after the super success of Goat Simulator,


Farming Simulator has proved to be one of the most solid experiences on the market, able to improve from year to year with new contents and activities related to cultivation. Reinvigorated by the last season’s break, we are ready to go back to farming with Farming Simulator 17, which without revolutions brings the series to the highest levels.

Farming Simulator 17 represents the pinnacle of the series developed by Giants Software


The new edition of Farming Simulator does not represent a Copernican revolution of the genre, but has been improved under so many aspects compared to the 2015 edition that we can still say that we are faced with a radically different yet familiar title.

Countryside life

Finding ourselves in front of an uncultivated field with our plow to prepare it for the first sowing is by now familiar, but it takes only a few minutes to start to appreciate the news of Farming Simulator 17.The activities to do are really a lot, all characterized by vehicles, trailers and specific tools that require a little practice before being maneuvered safely. In all there are more than 250, all reproduced with extreme accuracy from the catalog of models produced by more than seventy companies in the sector.


The variety is therefore very high: there are tractors of different sizes and colors, from the smallest and easiest to real beasts with tracks or double wheels for the largest fields, but there are vehicles for transporting our products or raw materials such as vans, vans, trucks and even wood and livestock trains.


For those who haunt the virtual wheat fields of Farming Simulator it might seem that all this well of God is totally wasted or exclusive for the most avid players

Giants Software quickly overcomes the problem by introducing the possibility to rent every vehicle and equipment in exchange for a small sum that obviously grows with the increase of the period of use.Just touch the touch pad of the PlayStation 4 controller to access the store and start exploring the catalog.


Renting has a double utility: on the one hand it means being able to immediately experience all that Farming Simulator 17 has to offer despite being novice peasants, but secondly means to be able to thoroughly test vehicles and equipment minimizing the risk of spending unnecessarily the money earned with so much sweat.


An aspect that makes the gaming experience much more dynamic and usable especially for those approaching the series for the first time, which despite a progression curve that is always rather slow, will enjoy more variety in learning the operations necessary for cultivation.