Commandos-style tactics about Wehrmacht deserters: New War Mongrels Trailer Released With Game Release Date

Pyro Studios’ Commandos was released over twenty years ago, but even today there are many followers inspired by the classics of the genre.

Last year, the tactical Partisans 1941 was released from the pen of the Russian studio Alter Games, and now a similar project is being prepared for release, called War mongrels from polish Destructive Creations – the creators of the controversial isometric shooter Hatred, as well as the medieval strategy Ancestors Legacy. The new game takes on an isometric view again, but with a completely different theme and era. War Mongrels is dedicated to the events on the eastern front of World War II and tells about the German deserters who fled from the Wehrmacht and became fighters of the resistance unit fighting the Nazis.

The authors are now ready to confirm that War Mongrels Launches On PC On Steam And Epic Games Store 19 october, and later will be released on consoles of the past and current generations… Pre-orders are already open.

Fresh trailer:

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