We talk about the new game from the “Code of War” creators.

The Russian company Ino-Co Plus – is not new to the video game development. Apart from Majesty 2 Novels and Warlock, it boasts excellent “Code of War.” It was therefore very pleased to learn that the authors of the magnificent vargeyma again took up what they do best.

Impressions from the Codex of Victory

Codex of Victory, however, is not exactly a typical wargame. Apart from the traditional turn-based battles, the game boasts a “strategic” mode, clearly inspired by the modern editions of XCOM. In other words, we are building a huge underground base, on which you want to create a new technique to equip its improvements, etc.

The importance of the battle play action points – this is the main resource, if you will – “currency” tactical mode. Capturing base, we are increasing the inflow of ML, thereby increasing their own capabilities. The fact is that in the beginning you can “deploy” orders only 5 points – a few light machine or one walking BattleMech (a very powerful machine with a good range of attack and special battle skills), but the more you have the resources – OD – the more you can do in a single turn.

Impressions from the Codex of Victory

So consider: to put on the field of battle tank – 4 OD, move it a few hexes – 1 MP, shoot – even 1 MP. Rules of engagement are simple: each unit is an indicator of the attack and HP, so it just predict the outcome of a clash. Although sometimes lucky to critical hits – but it is a rarity, so the battle is not felt by a string of coincidences.

But if your reserves are limited supply of equipment, produced in a break between missions, the AI ​​in the campaign story, it seems, frankly swindles. It’s not just about the abundance of units, but also about where they appear. For example, the reinforcement can be drawn on the site map, which has long and densely occupied by your troops. Perhaps that is as it should be, but considering that from the point of landing of heavy tanks to the source cherished OD can be one step, that approach does not seem fair.

Impressions from the Codex of Victory

Sami location is not great, but not trivial situation called. And as in the Battle Worlds: Kronos starve the enemy did not take. We must act decisively, although the combination of the need to conduct a tactical battle and independently allocate scarce resources to build military bases and raises the question: Is not backfire series of several failed “global” or “field” impassable story mission decisions mean a complete depletion of resources?

While it is very early to judge: the game is hard to find bugs, although it is still very early version. So far, it is available the beginning of the campaign and multiplayer mode. The authors are very reasonably done by setting the time on the early access low cost only 249 rubles, hoping thereby to attract the attention of more players.

Impressions from the Codex of Victory

In addition, the developers promise to listen to feedback from the community ( “early access” after all!), Which may make the final version of the game a truly remarkable strategy. Codex of Victory and now looks very promising, with the exception of a rather banal story. But the fusion of base construction and strategic decisions in the spirit of XCOM from the classic turn-based fighting looks really appetizing.

Will it have the authors of the “Code of War” to make another outstanding wargame – time will tell. Of course, the game is buggy, its output will be held not earlier than a few months, but if you are interested Codex of Victory – encourage support its ruble now (pre-assessing a demo version!), Because on release it will obviously cost more . And the fact that the result of our development and deserve your attention, we have little doubt.