Clone Wars “came to an end – review

Today, May 4, the seventh and final season of the animated series ended Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The project started in 2008 – at first the premiere of a full-length cartoon took place, followed by the animated series. In 2013 Lucasfilm closed the project, preventing the authors from completing all the storylines, but in 2018 Disney resurrected the show for the final season.
In previous episodes of the last season, the audience managed to demonstrate a duel Ahsoki Tano with Darth Maul, as well as the consequences of Order 66.

Followed by spoilers for the final episode

The final series is primarily focused on the escape of Ahsoka, Rex and Maul from the clone army, which, after Order 66, attempts to destroy them. The action, like the last time, takes place parallel to the finale “Revenge of the Sith.”

In the process, Maul, whom Ahsoka freed for sabotage, inflicts critical damage to the ship. A ship bound for Coruscant flies out of hyperspace and begins to fall to the surface of one of the moons.

Meanwhile, Ahsoku and Rex are overtaken by clones whom the heroes unsuccessfully try to outwit. During the battle, Maul takes the only shuttle from under his nose, despite Ahsoka’s attempts to stop him.

Escape the Maul

Heroes, making their way through the clones, find a small fighter. Distracted by the protection of the ship, Ahsoka does not have time to get on it. Rex has to catch her while she jumps on the debris of a falling cruiser flying at orbit.

Characters are saved, but all who remain on the ship die. The wreckage of the ship remains lying on the surface. Ahsoka and Rex dig up graves of former comrades in arms. Ahsoka leaves one of the lightsabers near the mass grave.

Clone grave

Further, in chronology, her story can be found in a solo novel, an animated series The Rebels and new season “Mandalorian”which starts this fall.

The epilogue of the episode unfolds some time after the heroes were rescued, when the detachment of the Empire, led by Darth Vader. By this time, traces of the accident have already drifted snow.

In this scene you can also see the Morai bird of the Convor family – before that they appeared in The Clone Warsand Morai will later meet Ahsoka again in “The rebels.”

The Dark Lord finds the sword of his former Padawan, probably suggesting that she and Rex died along with the others.

In the end, the Sith leaves, leaving behind the helmets of the clones, which are covered with snow.

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