Climate strategy Against the Storm comes out October 18 – Igromania

Studio Eremite Games announced the release date of the city-building strategy with roguelike elements Against the Storm… The game will release on October 18th and, as previously reported, during the first year will only be available in Epic Games Store… We are already accepting pre-orders, and you can also check out the free demo there.

In Against the Storm we will find ourselves in a world where the rain never stops. As the ruler of a city inhabited by people, beavers and lizards, we have to ensure their longest survival.

Thanks to the roguelike system, we will be able to build an infinite number of cities, trying out different strategies and adapting to the severity of the tests. With each playthrough, we will receive random perks and blueprints. But at the same time, improvements to the Citadel remain forever, and this will facilitate subsequent attempts.

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