Civ VI Coming This Month With Portugal And Zombie Mode

Developers from the studio Firaxis Games announced the sixth, final expansion Portugal pack for Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass

As you might guess from the name, the main innovation of the DLC will be civilization – Portugal. Also, players are waiting for the Zombie Defense mode, two wonders of the world – the Torre de Belém tower and the Etemenanki ziggurat – as well as a new map script called Wetlands.

The authors will share the details of the new civilization a little later, but it is already known that the basis will be sea gameplay, including sea exploration and trade.

In Zombie Defense mode, each unit killed in battle will have a chance to rise as a zombie, which will chase and attack the nearest non-zombie. Units successfully killed by zombies will respawn as zombies themselves.

Players are waiting for new improvements to traps and barricades that are built on owned or neutral territory to deal damage to zombies passing through them or near them.

Also, gamers will be able to build two city projects that will temporarily control zombies within the city in order to redirect them to enemy units or take them out of the city. A new spy operation will allow you to try to spawn zombies in the city of another player.

Portugal pack will be released on March 25th. The add-on can be purchased separately or received as part of the New Frontier Pass.

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