The Chronos camera, which has been compared to the fixed one of a Resident Evil, goes far beyond that concept, to the point that the comparison would almost be better with that of those wonderful fixed planes and with movement of the


first Silent Hill. The camera is left at a point on the stage, yes, but you can move your neck to discover the rest of the plane and it is as much or more immersive than the first person’s experience . It’s smart, it’s not tidal and it lets you discover some of the most precious scenarios we’ve seen in all our virtual journey.


If Chronos stayed here, it would be a great experience, where every stay of this fantastic labyrinth is well constructed and


 Gunfire Games has been very careful that all plane connections occur in the same position where you turn your head. But, beyond it


s brilliant execution, Chronos fulfills very well as a videogame. You will have read the inspirations in sagas such as Zelda and Souls , but beyond placing your attention on these games, Gunfire has managed to recreate his first VR game with personality.



Mainly for the timid mix of puzzles, exploration, action, role and adventure. It does not focus on any in particular, but all the elements it colle


cts are manipulated in a creative and original way. The puzzles require that we learn to look further with our VR glasses, paying attention to the details. The role guides our character according to the passing of the years, since each


time we die a year of our lives, making us go from youth, where vitality and strength are more prominent, to old age, where the powers Arcana are th


e protagonists. The exploration , with labyrinth levels that we will have to connect mentally so as not to get lost, and the combat, in which you have to have a pulse and learn to dodge, cover and attack with force, since dying means returning to the checkpoint and the regeneration of all enemies.


Chronos analysis

Through the mirror

Chronos is a lesson that many should learn: it is simply great to face a video game that first worries about being and after taking advantage of the c

apabilities of virtual reality. Which does not mean that its VR facet is relegated to the background. As much as Chronos can play relatively well without glasses, its essence is behind the crystals. The immensity and solemnity of the scenarios i
s achieved by looking up, where the artistic style clearly collected from the clean textures and gigantic sets of the Darksiders saga (which makes up the main core of Gunfire Games).


Chronos PC

It is still not a leading game, but it is already an advance thanks to its artistic section, which looks fabulous in VR.

Enemies that hide in the last corner that you usually look at, to surprise you and attack unexpectedly. Planes that play with the proportion


of objects and items that are deliberately left out of the box for you to discover are some of the examples of a subtle but very efficient use of virtual reality glasses. But again, the palm takes its scenarios: varied in each differentiated s


egment of the game, creating this world that dares to jump beyond the traditional fantasy of sword and sorcery to offer a story that, although it is not their center of attention, yes it is pleasantly discovered through the stories in books and situations that we will discover.



As much as Chronos can play relatively well without glasses, its essence is behind the crystals

We started our journey with 18 years, and each death represents another year , which is when the stone that allows us to travel to this world is activated. Everything, as we are told to finish the dragon and the three custodians that precede it. Starting at a

ge 20 and with each decade that passes, we acquire a special ability , which allows us, for example, to gain more strength, vitality or to raise th
e level faster. Every decision and when we execute it counts, because with age we will gain less strength and vitality , but our knowledge of arcane magic will be much more powerful. And of course, we will see how our character grows from adolescence until well into old age.


Chronos PC

The combat is challenging and the fear of dying, that one more year passes and being “too old” is very present.

You can not say that his role system is deeper than this, to which is added the power to upload five statistics and improve our weapon with materials, to choose between sword and ax . And although the passage of time is very original, it is missing a deepe


r level rise system as well as the opportunity to collect weapons along the way, beyond the objects necessary to advance and discover the dragon spheres , very limited , but that will cure our health completely. Also, the scenarios, although they are r


ecreated in detail, do not keep many surprises and are little destructible. It does not surprise us, since what it does is that Gunfire arrived in time to launch Oculus Rift with this game, being also one of the longest in its catalog.