Christina Asmus from Interns, who starred without clothes in the movie Text, is urgently hospitalized

It became known that the Russian actress Kristina Asmus from “Interns”, who recently appeared in the scandalous film “Text”, was urgently hospitalized.

The actress herself shared information about her hospitalization. According to, 31-year-old Christina Asmus posted the relevant information on her Instagram page. The star of the series “Interns” said that right now she is in the hospital, and for a week now. According to Asmus, she has “some kind of acute bacterial infection.” “Performances with a high temperature, meeting with the winners # text contest of the last forces, one fast, the second, eventually taken away,” the actress wrote, probably hinting that she was trying to ignore the ailment.

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Posted by Asmus Kristina (@asmuskristina) Oct 22, 2019 at 10:44 am PDT

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Posted by Asmus Kristina (@asmuskristina) Jul 18, 2019 at 5:54 am PDT

The star of the film “Text” revealed that she constantly lies under the droppers, as well as the fact that her temperature does not go astray. Christina Asmus called her condition “terrifying.” “The body, apparently, realized that I should not expect rest from me and decided to take a vacation myself,” the actress added. According to Christina Asmus, she should be discharged the other day if her condition improves. At the same time, the actress also complained that due to illness, she did not have time to buy gifts and she did not have a festive mood. Network users, in turn, wished a speedy recovery to their idol.

According to, recently Christina Asmus was in the center of scandal because of the scene in the film “Text” in which she starred with Ivan Yankovsky. The actress has incurred the wrath of netizens, and most recently appeared in a provocative image in the clip of Yegor Creed.