Cayne – this is a prequel to the much publicized two years ago isometric horror quest STASIS . If there is tie looked like the beginning of the film “Passengers” (a person gets out of the cryochamber located aboard a huge spaceship, and running through the corridors, shouting,

“Hey, there there anyone here?”) And after a while began fear, terror and the blood on the walls, the CAYNE immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of horror films about pregnancy – such as “Visions” and “Inside.”

Overall STASIS and longer and more complex than Cayne , although even there, and everywhere there is blood, severed limbs and rotting flesh. In the first game were frightening sounds, often we jumped on some monster.

And once the protagonist he spent on himself so naturalistic surgery, then what I have for a long time could not get over it, and seeing how he goes and falls hard, begged: “Come on, come on, be patient yet, you can, for it’s all for the sake of a daughter! ”

Here such powerful scenes there is little, and the monster appears exactly twice. Game atmosphere is permeated by fear and not terror, but rather disgust – so sickening experiments were carried out within the walls of this research complex.

And often this feeling is created not even scary species (for example, a large shapeless womb from which the deleted belly spilling the corpses), and reading the many notes describing any horror, perversions and sexual deviancy – the station was inundated with moral monsters.

Inventory is made very stylish and unusual.

And the main character, in comparison with the protagonist STASIS , hardly cause many same sympathy – screams, yells, can hardly walk, talked at length about the family and the child (family values – the main theme of both games), while recognizing that the child did not want to . On the other hand, the slowness and illogicality of the girls are quite clear – in her a position.

In addition, in such dreadful conditions, it does not lose composure, trying to joke (albeit not always successfully) and in general somehow manages not to give birth prematurely, despite frequent falls and injuries – is at least worthy of respect …

Women’s logic

Greater irritation can cause the fact that the authors have not got rid of the problems inherent in STASIS . No, it’s all the same interesting quest with lots of subject of riddles and puzzles, forcing carefully read everything, to find a clue or write down your password (otherwise forget!). Yet some things would not hurt to correct.

In CAYNE a lot of races between the same locations, but given that our heroine is pregnant does not run, and goes quickly tiring it harder and faster.

As well as the persistent disregard of the authors of such an obvious possibility today as light active points – the result is a senseless and merciless “pikselhanting”.

Finally, if using, and combining items no special difficulties, the puzzles are still encountered with the logic of the problem – to understand what they want from us, sometimes it is very difficult, and the tips are not always obvious.

But in CAYNE a clear and detailed picture, stock became more comfortable and larger text – no longer need to strain your eyes reading numerous outpouring perished (and share it!) Station occupants.

CAYNE shorter and less scary than STASIS , and pregnant main character someone can be annoying.

Nevertheless, it is also an interesting, well-drawn horror quest – an uncompromising, adult, with its own atmosphere, a clear promise, fascinating story and shocking (albeit quite expected) ending.

Besides free. The authors are now preparing the same cute isometric adventure ( campaign on Kickstarter is already running), and if they decide there is the above-mentioned problems, we are waiting for a definite hit.