Cat Quest

A colorful cat world

In Cat Quest , The Gentlebros present us an isometric RPG adventure very simplified, colorful, tender and humorous, whose protagonists are the cats, gatherers of the continent Felinia. His story is a clear and not hidden homage to Skyrim : the dragons, newly awakened from their lethargy, have invaded the continent of Felinia. The only ones capable of defeating them are the Sangredragón, a breed of cats with powers destined for that purpose. Our protagonist, a sangr


edragón on a sea voyage to Felinia, is shipwrecked after seeing how the evil white cat Drakoth kidnaps his sister.The villain agrees to release the young kitten if the sangredragon defeats three dragons that Drakoth himself has released over Felinia. It may be a hackneyed argument with a topical villain – an


d are not topical villains the easiest to hate? Recognizes Drakoth himself in a sequence through which The Gentlebros laughs at themselves – but


Throughout a main adventure of about five hours, complemented with 52 secondary missions and 62 dungeons, we discover the complexity of a plot that will surprise us, loaded with an emotional message about the loyalty of pets. 

A simplified and easy to master RPG system

Our sangredragón will be a yellow-haired cat, mute as it used to be stylized in the role-playing video games of the 90s, and will be accompanied by Spirry, a cat-guiding spirit who will act as mentor, tutor and narrator, and who will remind us of Navi


, although he will not possess his insistence. Although we can not customize the gender and coat of our Sangredragón -which would have been an ext


ra enriching, being a character whose personality is not written-, we will determine their class through the clothing and weapon we equip, which will enhance the armor , health and manna .

The RPG system proposed in Cat Quest is very simplified with respect to other titles of the genre and can be confused with a hack n ‘slash . W


e will move through a continent divided into villages with a small number of inhabitants, in which there will be a board in which the secondary missions will be published and a cushion that will act as an inn, where we will spend the game and recover the maximum health and mana

Cat Quest (PS4) screenshot

By default, we will have the main mission active, which we can set aside to perform a secondary mission at a time. If we accept another mission from the bulletin board, we will abandon the current one and we can only resume it by ac


cepting it again in its original bulletin board. The secondary missions will follow a plot of their own, which will be suspended in interesting points to awaken interest in the player and it will spinning all the missions that have to do with it, while gaining experience and level up.

We have an experience bar , which will be filled with blue orbs that we find quite often on our way, or when fulfilling secondary missions and defeating enemies. We also have a health bar , protected by an armor bar that will regenerate afte


r a period of time without being hit; and mana bar that will be spent using magic and will recover when hitting enemies. In a backpack, which we will access through a circle, we will have access to our inventory, where wea


pons, helmets and clothing that we acquired during the game and that we can equip ourselves will be stored. In the same inventory we will have access to the available spells, of which we can have four assets at the same time and that we will launch with L1, L2, R1 and R2 as we can. We also have cat money, which we will get by defeating enemies, completing missions a


nd collecting scattered coins on the map. We will acquire new equipment in treasure chests and after fulfilling missions or buying boxes of random content -of two different categories- according to their price in the Kit Gat store. It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to sell our inventory.