It was obvious. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 was going to have downloadable content. We already advanced it in our impressions, when a glance through the percentage menu dropped that there would be a second selectable character. It was Alucard, the son of Dracula, in his reinterpretation of the


Spanish by the hand of Mercury Steam and becomes reality with “Revelations”, the first DLC of the game of action and adventure that is put on sale for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. € 5.99 costs this extension that has several ingredients. The first, the aforementioned protagonist with everything that entails: new fighting style, new aesthetics and new skills.

Alucard is a knight with sword in hand who leaves behind the classic scourge of the Castlevania saga. His punches are more melee, closer, and give a different touch to the combat system compared to what was seen with Dracula. In addition, the character has its own unlockable skills package


through the same learning system as in the main adventure: based on experience, we unlock movements that can be expanded by the use of blood. The combats are different thanks to the introduction of the Crisaegrim weapon, which plays a fundamental role in the plot of Lords of Shadow 2.


The exploration skills of this new protagonist also have special relevance in the expansion and show that Mercury Steam is capable of designing attractive, fun and non-frustrating puzzles (one of the main criticisms of Lords of Shadow 2). Alucard can transform into a bat to climb, become a wolf to reach greater distances and make certain elements of the stage travel back in time.


The combination of these three powers comes together in very attractive puzzles, that despite being brief for the duration of the DLC, bring to the mouth of the player a taste of old school. Needless to say, for the most critical, on this occasion there are no stealth sections.

The second differentiating point of “Revelations” is the context in which it develops. The argument takes place in the moments before the start of the events that are played in contemporary time with Dracula, that is, just before its awakening occurs.


The fragment narrated by the DLC focuses on the path that Alucard follows hours before his father awakes from the grave, and how it ends up being what it is during the plot of Lords of Shadow 2. It is a downloadable to play only when has completed the main game.

2014-03-28_00004.jpg Screenshot

Without going into destripes plot, Alucard will be guided by Marie to visit the castle of Dracula, which is starting his rebellion as later seen in the game, to try to recover the Sword of Void and the Claws of Chaos, which are in danger blame for the blood and that


Dracula needs to subdue Satan. Your mission, divided into three acts, is to go through two unpublished areas of the castle (a space close to the Juguetero and the “Forbidden Wing”). The third part returns you to the present time where the final combat of the downloadable against a character of Lords of Shadow 2 takes place before the awakening of the Dragon.

Arguably, “Revelations” contextualizes certain somewhat obscure moments in Lords of Shadow 2, but has no demolishing points that uncover details of the plot beyond the anecdotal. The road that Alucard travels does not bring surprises and is predictable.


They are grateful, yes, that the scenarios are new and that there are some variations of enemies already seen. This DLC has lasted almost two hours for its main plot, although this amount is slightly extended if you want to unlock the hidden extras – the scenarios are explorable.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - Revelations (PC) screenshot