Castle Flipper Coming To Steam May 27 – review Addiction

Company PlayWay and studio Pyramid games announced a release date for yet another repair simulator. Castle flipper will be available in Steam May 27. In the meantime, you can go through a free demo to get acquainted with the features of the game.
Castle Flipper was announced on the wave of success House flipper, in 2018. And originally a studio Cool tool was going to release the game in early 2019. However, the plans changed: the development was entrusted Pyramid games, and the publishers were joined by Ultimate Games, a company from the PlayWay business group.

In the new trailer, the developers offer to see how the game has changed since the announcement. It is easy to see that it has become much larger. In addition to fortresses and castles, our medieval artisan manages to repair ships and even build buildings from scratch in an open field.

The creators of Castle Flipper urge us to build our own kingdom to our liking, and we can do it on May 27. The game will be discounted initially after release, and its size will determine the number of players adding Castle Flipper to their wishlist.

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