Capcom apologizes: Attackers stole data of thousands of people from its servers

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Japanese publishing house Capcom continues to investigate a large-scale hacker attack, as a result of which cybercriminals stole from its servers last fall more than 1 terabyte of data

A new report, published on the official website, says that, according to rough estimates, the data ended up in the hands of hackers. 16,415 people3.248 of them – direct business partners of the company, 9,164 – former employees and people affiliated with them, 3.994 – current employees and people affiliated with them. The leaked files could contain names, email addresses, work information, and more. However, there is no information on credit cards there.

If we talk about the data of ordinary users who enter information about themselves in games, then in the darkest scenario, a total of hackers could get personal data. 390,000 people… However, there is, again, nothing related to the financial part.

In light of new findings from the investigation Capcom She again apologized to all the victims and recalled that she is now working as usual, continuing to work closely with law enforcement agencies, and is also taking steps to improve her digital protection so that such incidents cannot be repeated in the future.

Recall that as a result of the leak, a huge amount of internal information of the company got into the network, including critical important plot spoilers for the upcoming horror project. Resident evil village

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