Call of Duty WWII

The stage of the E3 2017 was a very important moment for Call of Duty fans . The celebrity brand Activision has in fact been shown to the public, thanks to a playable version of its latest incarnation, or WWII .
We’ve already told you our impressions on the single player campaign and the multiplayer market, but what we did not tell you was that after our hands on we exchanged four chats with the Sledgehammer team, namely the development project responsible for the WWII project 
Fifteen interesting minutes, where we were able to deal with the three aspects that most affected us during our gaming session: campaign, balance and new modes: here’s our interview.
We’ve seen a gaming session directly from the campaign: despite not getting big news in terms of gameplay, what really hit us is the rhythm, violence, and spectacle of each scene. Can we expect this mood throughout the history of the story, or will it be just sporadic moments? 
You’ve seen it very well: For the Call of Duty WWII campaign, we’ve been inspired by the great American productions, those who can paint the war in true fashion but without forgetting the purely dedicated part of the entertainment. In this new COD you will find sequences on cardiopalma, quicktime event perfectly fused to gameplay and moments of play with a high adrenaline rate and violence. Our goal is to create a campaign that keeps these premises throughout the history of the game, which in terms of hours played will be in line with the ranks of the series.
Call of Duty WWII
Looking at the multiplayer player menu, we have enjoyed the division into classes through this new system called “Divisions”. Can you tell us something more about it? Is the idea primarily related to the need to balance the different classes or does it have a different meaning?
We are very proud of the divisions, so we think it’s a great way to balance the use of the different classes during your multiplayer “career” and, above all, gave us a chance to experience a little bit with character progression. Now each Division has its own dedicated level, obviously combined at the player’s overall level. Specializing in one or the other Division will unlock dedicated content that we can not yet talk about yet.
The new War Mode is really interesting: it seemed to us a very dynamic mode and capable of awakening a little too much of the now too classic format that COD had used to us. What can you tell us in this sense and, above all, does this new game mode have dedicated maps or roster standard ones will be adapted to the cause?
The slogan is dynamism: even the map you’ve been able to test (Operation Break Out) you will notice how you need to change the type of reasoning to be effective in this mode. There are goals to be pursued, who will not only win or defend A point, rather a variety of situations that will help the player to change Division and experience. We wanted to create something unique, that’s why War will have exclusive maps tailor-made, with the purpose of making the experience truly unique.