BZfuture store gives a licensed copy of Windows 10 Pro for the purchase of antivirus

This week, January 14, 2023Microsoft discontinued support Windows 7. The operating system has ceased to be updated and no longer meets current security standards. The manufacturer’s service department will no longer be able to support users of an outdated OS and will subsequently deactivate a number of functions affecting the Internet. On computers running Windows 7, you can continue to work further, but the system will become more vulnerable to viruses.

In this regard, Microsoft strongly recommends that users of Windows 7 switch to Windows 10. It is on the development of this system that all the forces of the developers are now directed.

The program for a free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 ended a few years ago, which means that today it remains only to buy an official license. Now, many users are not ready for such a move, since the cost of a key on Windows 10 can exceed 5,000 rubles. However, on the market, fortunately, there are alternative solutions that allow you to save a lot.

In particular, in the online store Bzfuturespecializing in the sale of computer accessories and software from leading manufacturers, you can currently get the activation key for Windows 10 Pro for free – for this you need to buy one of the useful programs available in the catalog or an antivirus software package from top developers, among which Kaspersky, Mcafee, Norton, Bitdefender and Avast. All kits are available at great discounts – the store is ready for users to switch to the current operating system due to the termination of support for Windows 7.

A few examples of discounted antiviruses and other programs in the BZfuture store:

  • McAfee Antivirus (+ free key on Windows 10 Pro) – 5,850 rubles 979 rubles. Buy here.
  • McAfee Antivirus 3pc antivirus (+ free key on Windows 10 Pro) – 6, 050 rubles 1,088 rubles. Buy here.
  • Anti-Kaspersky Internet Security (6 months) (+ free key on Windows 10 Pro) – 6,020 rubles 1,062 rubles. Buy here.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus (1 year) (+ free key on Windows 10 Pro) – 6,820 rubles 1,905 rubles. Buy here.
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant Hard Disk Partition Manager (+ free key on Windows 10 Pro) – 5,900 rubles 1,188 rubles. Buy here.

BZfuture store works directly with software developers and distributes exclusively licensed programs. The key on Windows 10 Pro is lifelong and is also suitable for upgrading from a simpler version of the operating system.

How is the process of buying software on the BZfuture website and receiving a gift in the form of a key on Windows 10 Pro

1. Go to the sale page and choose an antivirus or other useful program from the list you want to buy.

2. The following is the registration procedure on the site. You can also log in with your Google or Facebook account.

3. Go to the basket – there will be the product you selected and a copy of Windows 10 Pro. Click “Submit Order.”

4. Make payment for the order. All popular methods in Russia are supported (payment by card or various payment services).

5. The keys to the purchased software and a copy of Windows 10 Pro appear in the section with your purchases. It remains only to carry out activation.

All software is licensed by manufacturers for sale. BZFuture store support service is always ready to answer customer questions related to purchases, and quickly responds to requests. Specialists can be contacted at any time directly on the website or by email [email protected].