Slaughter begins
Produced by Transhuman Design , the same team that worked for King Arthur’s Gold , this title is a fast, hard, brutal and adrenaline 2D shooter, where we will play a cyborg (clearly inspired by the famous Terminator of the same movie saga) on mission to eradicate the last trace of humanity remaining in the world.
We have not casually used the word difficult: this game represents a real challenge, unsuitable for those who want a light product to enjoy with care, and just think that the slogan of the game is: “The easiest difficulty is tough.”
Or at least it was initially: as a result of complaints from several PC users requiring a simpler or at least “normal” difficulty, the team responded by implementing the WIMP mode (for parrots, literally), with which the game assumes a level of tremendously easy difficulty, eliminating every possible challenge.
The game is entirely playable from start to finish and does not undergo any particular variations (if not constant gaming facilitations), but we strongly advise not to try it at this level of difficulty since it is only to be considered a “joke” by developers and, in our opinion, also cancel a good part of the final fun.
Aim: to break humanity
In all we will have to go through 5 worlds, with 4 levels per head, and then get to the final boss for a total of 21 overall scenarios.
Gameplay can be described as similar to a Hotline Miami partnership with Broforce: the action is extremely fast and requires reflexes always ready; we will not be dead because of a single blow but if we do not pay attention, especially in the latest levels of gambling, it may take 2 seconds to get back to life and armor to the maximum to be annihilated by the enemies (or the different traps present) and have to start the level again. 
This is because there are no checkpoints within the levels, not overly long;the trial and error will therefore be of fundamental importance to carefully memorize movements and moves of enemies and prepare accordingly.
In order to succeed in our mission, we will have different weapons available, unlockable by advancing within the levels and each with its own ammunition: a shotgun, useful in short distances, and to kick off only most of the enemies present; an assault rifle for situations in which there will be a full number of enemies, also ideal to stun momentarily some enemies and then finish them with a more effective weapon; a flamethrower to be particularly effective on enemies concentrated in certain areas; a grenade launch, a particularly devastating weapon with very few ammunition available; and last but not least, a laser shotgun with a loaded shotgun is able to get rid of one of the most demanding enemies, usable only (and for good reasons) in the final levels of the game.
 We will also have a chainsaw that can be used indefinitely, but we will only use it to avoid wasting ammo when we have to handle civilians (killing them often will provide us extra life) and open blocked passes.
You were … slaughtered
Gaming controls appear initially bizarre, but after a while they will become habit: we will of course use the R2 key to shoot, but to jump we will not use the X key (instead used to activate the buttons, the only thing that is explained in “Tutorial” of the game and that further understands the developers’ intention), but L2.
This choice is not random: there are numerous platforms within the levels, and there will always be enemies to shoot with resulting bullets to avoid; to explain the gameplay in a few words, then we can say that if you stay still, you will already be dead.