Budget “Rapunzel” with a touch of The Legend of Zelda: Ary and the Secret of Seasons Review

The desire of indie studios to make their own large-scale universes or versions of popular projects is sometimes really surprising. Authors Ary and the secret of seasons without any hesitation, they immediately aim at a project for the whole family, lovers of Disney princesses and The legend of zelda

Players are transported to the magical kingdom of Waldi, whose inhabitants in different areas constantly live in one of the seasons of the year thanks to the ancient technology and magic of magic crystals. But one day a catastrophe occurs, red crystals fall from the sky, climatic zones change and the world begins to desperately need its hero or, in our case, a heroine.

Ariel or simply Arya lives in a close-knit family. Her brother went missing some time ago, and her father works as a protector of the winter crystal. But the sudden climate change and the threat to the world force her to try on the heroic mantle. The girl cuts off her luxurious hair and takes her father’s sword to resist a global conspiracy and save the kingdom.

The authors actively use Disney techniques, demonstrating emotional and sometimes funny scenes with the participation of Arya, who is somewhat similar in presentation to Rapunzel. True, it is noticeable that most of the budget went to the animation of the heroine, while the rest of the characters, with the exception of the formulaic prince, look like wooden extras. And from this too noticeable difference, much of the charm of the project disappears. Arya is too alive for this static and empty world.

The basic mechanics of Ary and the Secret of Seasons involve a small set of movements. The heroine is able to use the power of the seasons, roll, make a double jump, swim underwater and deliver light and strong blows, parrying enemy attacks. For a fee, they can buy a slingshot and shoot enemies from afar. However, in most cases this does not make much sense, because often you can simply run around opponents without wasting time on them.

There is no increase in the level of pumping from victories in the game, and increase in characteristics can be bought for coins from a merchant. The coins themselves are hidden in the chests. The authors, however, are thinking with the new patch to make coins fall out of defeated enemies, but at the moment there is no point in fights. Only if you do not need to activate the mechanism or open the chest – in battle mode this will be problematic. Boss battles remain, but they usually require agility or a special move.