Broken Lines story trailer released – review

Studio Portaplayknown for strategy Tales from the void, released the story trailer for her new project, role-playing strategy Broken lines. It shows how the events of the game begin, and how badly everything can end.

The heroes of Broken Lines are eight soldiers who were thrown into the center of Europe during the Second World War. Their plane crashed, and the detachment was left without communication with the headquarters. They never knew what their mission was, and now the soldier is only concerned about one thing: to survive and return home.

Traveling through war-torn territories will not be easy. And not only because the resources of the team are running out. The mental state of the fighters will affect both their behavior in battle and the ability to make informed decisions. Relations between team members will also be important.

To find out if the heroes can survive in such conditions, players will be able in the first quarter of 2023. Broken Lines has no release dates yet. But the game will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch.