Broken Age: Act 2

The second act can hardly be called absolutely the same or an entirely new game – it’s just different. On the one hand, the world of Broken Age has been studied, and in this time of new locations there is little, which is why you do not feel that pleasant delights of exploring unfamiliar countryside and forests.

On the other – the beginning of the act turns and twists worlds of the protagonists, and with them and all the supporting characters. Watch how familiar personality interact quite funny.

Exactly like to hear about “Me” in the third person, for example, a guy with a torn after meeting Vella cowards (I hope that reading this people have passed the first act, or the phrase sounds weird) is trying to hush up the story in front of Shay, but what -That still blurts.

Someone simply show poster with the face of Vella to the source immediately reacted emotionally.

But in general, to observe the development of familiar characters are not as interesting as the first time to meet them. The more that they, due to certain circumstances of the plot, there are fewer, and some really have not changed (the same hipster Curtis).

The Act 2 is really different from the first half of the story, so it is a task on which decision you have to think at this time.

Cliff Bleszinski at GDC 2012 showed photos, which he constantly sends Tim Sheyfer. Hobbies are different!

When Broken Age: Act I just came out, many expected to see a classic sheyferovsky quest with a nice visual style, humor and a good story.

I guess with everything except the difficulty – every puzzle solved easily, even those with the genre did not sign. It lacked the “old school.” This time, it “delivered” with a margin.

Now, to solve riddles have to remember every little detail that characters talk about themselves: who what is good, who have secrets and personal weakness.

And if my memory does not fail, any task may seem illogical or absurd – which is important because the force the player to go through all the options blindly at least strange.

It will be easier for those who pass the two acts in one gulp – sometimes it is necessary to remember some of the details from the first half of the game.

But the “old school” and brought not the most pleasant features inherent in some of the old quests. In Broken Age: Act 2 with the normal difficulty the game has “backtracking” – reception of game design, which forces the player to go back to complete the game on.

Here, this, unfortunately, quite a lot, especially when you are running around the ship, and the task of wiring.

But then there are also lucky find – periodically have to switch between characters in order to, say, playing for Vella look at the scheme, required to advance further beyond the neck.

If earlier it was possible to pass both parts of the stories in turn, now have a strong incentive to play them evenly. The idea of ​​”two characters, one story” now works properly.

Review of Broken Age: Act 2. Game Overview - Image 3
Review of Broken Age: Act 2. Game Overview - Image 4

Yet for a year waiting Broken Age it became not so sweet – it’s definitely not the case when the breakdown of acts (chapter book series – are all one) went to play the advantage.

When something long wait, then willy-nilly start to overstate the requirement to idealize what you want to get a result. Is Shafer justify these hopes could? Yes, but not in full.

In addition to individual original tasks (talk talking trees anecdote – he was still a challenge), several spectacular plot twists and a good joke the second act does not cling. But teasing closer to the finale, and so abruptly ends the story that I want to cry out: “What, all? But I have so much waiting! ”

Tim should learn quests broken into pieces in Tornquist ( Dreamfall Chapters: of The Longest Journey is divided into books is absolutely justified), or do you do it all at once, and carefully calculate budgets. Waiting is pleasant, but only in moderation.