Brawl between jellies

Released in PlayStation 4, PC on Steam and Xbox One, De-formers has three main game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Form Ball and you can play up to 4 players on the same split screen platform and up to 8 online players .


Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are two identical modes that differ only to be played by 8 players ‘all against all’, in the first, and teams ‘four against four’ in the second; in this type of game you have to score more points than the opponents to win. Form Ball is instead a very reminiscent Rocket League mode and in which, divided into teams of four, you have to throw a huge soccer ball in the opponent’s goal and score as many goals as possible.


There is not much else to say,the game makes simplicity and immediacy its strength and, in our opinion, its weakness, since already from the first game of Death Match you will have the feeling of being in a game visually very clean and colorful but at the same time, also extremely chaotic and difficult to master, completely missing any form of tutorial or mode in only against artificial intelligence.


There are some tutorial videos distributed by Ready at Dawn itself but they are not accessible from the game and you have to look for them yourself. Moreover, the price of € 39.90 for a game that does not offer more than described, seems really excessive considering that, although with the coins you earn, you can buy both the accessories and the over 40 skins for customize our jellies (there are some really fantastic),

De-formers is a fun game of fights in the arena between jellies but suffers from a hasty release


The Deathmatch, both in teams and against all, catapults you into one of the eight arenas and, before starting the actual game, lets you choose the appearance, which allows you to use one of the skins you buy, and the class of belonging.


The classes that diversify your gelatinous counterpart are five: the Guardian, the Striker, the Ranger, the Marksman and the Speedster and you can guess (remember that there are no tutorials in play) their role and the difficulty of use only in 30 seconds before the start of the game, quickly observing the summary diagram.

Brawl between jellies

The stars indicate the difficulty of using the class, while a small pentagon graph, on the tips of which are present the characteristics of Agility, Shoot, Health, Ram and Size (in fact the game is localized in Italian but some parts, like the characteristics, they mysteriously lack translation), it helps you to better understand the differences between the various classes.


Before going into detail, it should be noted that there are various ways to take out your opponents: you can shoot with the various bullets (called Tribs and also gummy) scattered throughout the game arena and available by destroying the many objects present , load them as if you were a ram and lift them off the ground to launch them into space, as each arena floats in the air.


You can also defend yourself by turning into a big cube for a short period of time and thus becoming immune to charges and bullets, or breaking free to get rid of once you are the victim of an uplifting opponent.