Braveland Pirate

In spring 2014. Kaliningrad studio Tortuga Team has released a nice strategy Braveland , which is a colorful lightweight version of King’s Bounty .

She promised two more games in the same vein. Word of his Kaliningradians kept: in the winter of last year came Braveland Wizard , and most recently appeared Braveland Pirate – final and perhaps the most interesting part of this trilogy.

Treasure Island

Each of the three parts is devoted to the adventures of various characters. In the first series it was a simple guy who went to avenge his village burned. In the second, we took on the role of a cute graduate magical academy, and in Braveland Pirate , as the name implies, act as a young pirate. In his first voyage he was in the storm, nearly drowned and was thrown to the island inhabited by savages.

But survived; Moreover, he was joined by some other sailors, escaped during the storm, and together they went in search of pirate treasure.

To find them, will have to travel between the different islands and collect the parts of the map leading to the coveted treasure.

This is the main difference Braveland Piratefrom the previous games in the series: it allows to move freely between different locations. First you need to get a new map of the island – some give on the subject, and some of you may find yourself to go to extra island “pump up” and earn some money.

During the voyage there are random events – you can bump into a bottle with a message, see a man overboard or meet with a merchant vessel. And then decide what to do: raise drowning or not, to move closer to a trader or swim by. Altruism in this case, it is possible to come out sideways: a drowning man would a thief who obnesot all your treasury …

Braveland Pirate game review

Random events across less than desirable.

Sami locations have increased in size, there are more options to move away from the plot trails to climb in some cave, search the shore, or just give a face the next eager “knife and ax to employees.” There is even a bounty hunting, contracts for particularly dangerous companions. All this significantly increased the duration of the game.

Catch courage! 

Otherwise, everything is the same – wandering around the map, step by step to keep hitting our enemies kopim experience, buy troops and different equipment. Of course, there are new kinds of enemies, and a new “units” – in our ranks are now fighting a cabin boy, gunners, daredevils, some voodoo-obsessed and even the ship’s cook, who wielded great cutlery knives and ready to chat on the battlefield to cook healthful meals.

Pirate theme it possible to realize a firearm and several new abilities for the hero, who, incidentally, is now itself present and fighting on the battlefield. With each blow, inflicted by your wards, it accumulates courage, and then uses this energy for various pirate tricks – some of them are, for example, aimed shot, fast moving forward on three other cells. In addition, it is now available as many as three different branches of skills: a, relatively speaking, is responsible for the damage, the other – to protect, and the third allows you to efficiently store and use courage.

Braveland Pirate game review

To defeat some enemies, you need to thoroughly “pump up” and collect a decent army.



Pirate Braveland – worthy end of the trilogy. The game has grown in size, it has given us more freedom and adventure and is now perceived not as a simplified version of something, but as a fully self-contained product.