Borders: Crash Bash

Crash without frontiers
The evidence that we chose to show you requires that competitors compete within an arena where there are numerous balloons hanging from above.
Players will have to try to get them burst, and every burst equals one point. If the premise seems already crazy enough, you need to add that the players have to move on the trampolines, without being able to get down, and have to start off the outside of the arena; not only, but they will have to use these same trampolines to break the balloons.
We take off the stilts, but leave the arena and burst the balloons. Here we are in front of Ring Ding, one of the minigames in the Crash Bash collection. Here, each player has to break the balloons of his own color by leaping against him, and whoever the four participants will break out will win the game. To complicate things, there are many things that affect heavily the course of the game: we will have a vacuum cleaner capable of attracting balloons to us, special balloons that will allow us to color all the balloons present in our color and more.
A move that gives a double advantage, as someone who strikes a balloon of a different color from his own is stunned. Anyone who has tried the game knows how much this challenge from the bizarre concept can become a real chaos, especially when facing four people sitting next to each other.Despite summer heat, pushing to prevent a friend from reaching the craving vacuum cleaner remains an impassable experience, including sweat.
Video Games Without Borders: Crash Bash
A fun marsupiale
Let’s talk about the game itself:  Crash Bash is surely inspired by Mario Party , but it does have a distinct difference. If Mario Party looks like a particular variation of the Goo game, Crash Bashit’s just a collection of minigames: nothing more, nothing less. There is an adventure mode in which you face numerous challenges within each minigame and even present some real boss fight.
Ciliegin on the cake is the chance to face the adventure in the company of a second co-operative player: laughter is ensured, especially when you find yourself involuntarily hurt each other. If the main challenge is only to win a mini-game three times, thus gaining a trophy that allows progress in the adventure, to get 120% you need to face other challenges of various nature. Basically, they reproduce the same mini-game but add many difficulties as time constraints, enhancements to enemies or disadvantages for players.
To differentiate Crash Bash from Mario Party there is another element: if in Mario Party the minigames are all heterogeneous, in Crash Bash there are six types of minigames, each of which has four possible variations, changing rules, locations and approach to the game. There is then a seventh style, the only one in which the four variations completely differ from one another (Ring Ding, the minigame we talked to, is part of the latter category).