Borderlands 3 will be released on Steam on March 13 – review

New Game Release

Gearbox at PAX East was not limited to the announcement of the second addition for Borderlands 3, telling about plans for the release of a shooter on Steam. The premiere will take place on March 13.

In this case, online on the PC will not be divided between Steam and the Epic Games Store: the developers implemented the selection of players through the new system SHiFT. Users will be able to add friends and connect to the cross-play squads regardless of the service.

Over time, the studio intends to add even more features: for example, the ability to send weapons to different platforms. The function will appear a few weeks after the release on Steam.

It seems that in the future the SHiFT system may go beyond the PC space and reach the consoles, allowing the Storage Finder to unite regardless of the platform – be it PS4, Xbox One, Steam or Epic Games Store. So far, however, this is only our assumption.

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