A few weeks ago came to the Bombshell market a game that, in its origins, was thought of as a sequel to a saga as classic as Duke Nukem and who, finally, has washed his face to tell us about the adventures and misadventures of Shelly (who already we anticipate


that she is not half as charismatic as our friend Duke ), a veteran of the US special forces who, in the face of an attack by alien forces, will have to bundle up to save the high officials of the United States of America , in the purest style of American heroine.

The premise of the game from the first moment will be clear, we must advance through the different scenarios in an action game with devil-style RPGs, including


isometric camera, shooting us with all the enemies that we find in our path, annihilating every living creature to fulfill the different missions, principal and secondary, to which the game will be exposed before the adventure can be finalized.

Bombshell (XBO) screenshot

The truth is that, if we forget a handful of failures that undermine the experience the game is quite fun, a whole “kill kills” thought for the players of the old school who will get what many may be looking for, put the helmets , give up any kind of activity and download our rage and adrenaline with virtual aliens who will pay for the duck.

However, as we say, there are certain factors that destroy a good part of the quality of the game, although, if we had to highlight one, we would say that the main culprit of having a bad experience is, above all, the camera that, in the Most of the times it hinders more than help and even, sometimes, it does not allow us to see clearly the enemies or other objectives.


This failure becomes even more palpable, especially in the combats with the final bosses, larger than usual as would be expected and with which we will


suffer enough because of the position of the same although, in some cases, the camera will have well remember that, as in all video games, you can move away to show a broader picture of the action, making this type of combat much easier.

Bombshell (XBO) screenshot

Another reason why the game suffers is its interface that, without blunders, we can consider that it is one of the ugliest and outdated we have seen in a long time in a game. Its size is disproportionately large, hindering our visibility and making a fatal combination sometimes next to the camera. Its design is flat, without charisma and, above all, the menus both in the skill tree that we will have available for our character and in the store seem to be taken from a series B movie of the 80s.

Precisely, in these two points, the skill tree and the store, will be where we focus now to discuss some of the best points of Bombshell. As for the first, Shelly will gain experience as we complete missions and defeat enemies, can level up to choose


between raising the four special abilities that will be available (we will alternate them in the game with the F key and we will use them with uppercase letters) or increase the three basic characteristics of your person: Life, Shipowner and Energy that will be, precisely and as you can guess, the characteristic on which special abilities depend.

Bombshell (XBO) screenshot

As for the store, it is a prominent element not because we can buy a lot of different objects and weapons, but because in them, we can find one of the most precious elements of our adventure: the ammunition for our weapons.


And is that, as we move forward we will realize that one of the points on which we must pay more attention in the game is to economize the use of our tools to kill.


Each bullet can count and the shortage of ammunition between store and shop or chest and chest will be evident especially in the final hours of the adventure. Other details that we have also liked are both the executions and the design of some scenarios, especially when we are in Kyrron.