Bloody Night

Give me an excuse to make a massacre
What is the point, in an action, to lose time behind unnecessary puzzles or to haggle to decide which armor to wear or where to put accumulated experience points? I just want to put another notch on the long list of enemies that fell to my feet! This is not my thought – although I share it – but it is the same question that Emanuele Leoncilli, the creator of the game, is, and is, of course, the spirit behind A Bloody Night .
There would also be a story, but just like the 80’s express cabinets to which the title is inspired, like the various Ghosts’n Goblins or Rastan, is just an excuse to leave behind a long streak of blood: there is a quiet realm, that of Greyplan, where there is a quiet tavern, managed by Asteria’s quietest anchor, yet having a slightly lesser brother, Kerykos, the protagonist of the game, who becomes a war machine worse than Steven Seagal when at the beginning of each film is killed his colleague / son / wife / master after the terrible assassination of his beloved sister.
From here begins the journey to avenge the beloved relative throughout the Greyplan kingdom, divided into twenty levels, set among castles, deserts, oases, caves and forests, but do not expect what moral evolution, repentance or inner development of the protagonist: A Bloody Nightis a hard and pure arcade and leaves no room for reasoning or subtle plots . After all, that’s right, and if you’ve decided to invest your five euros – the title has an ultra-budget price – to enjoy good writing, you’re in the wrong.
Bloody Night
Go blind 
As with any action, the A Bloody Night judgment is all about its playability, which, unfortunately, has many positive ideas, how many negative . Compared to his distant relatives, Emanuele Leoncilli’s work tries to evolve into the combat system, without departing from the immediacy and familial feeling of the pad. So, beside the lightweight attack, a heavy attack and a parade were also put in, moved to be used with resilience and tied to a bar of stamina.
These simple introductions give life to some interesting combo, to which are added the jump attacks: do not expect a move worthy of the best Souls, but parry an arrow, then jump over a armored rider and finally knock down, with a powerful defeating one, three armed soldiers, is always a delight to enjoy.
Unfortunately, just in the middle of a combo, when the scoring multiplier rises with dizzying rhythms, the fun is broken by the rigidity of the movements: the deaths are followed by a beauty, the feeling of trial & error floats above every single but the most painful defeats are only because Kerykos can not move or change the direction of the blows during an attack.
 If there are two or more opponents on the sides of the protagonist, the only hope is to jump away, exploit the intelligence not just overwhelm the enemies to create a single queue, and then break them all together. Unfortunately, this solution can not be included among the gaming strategies, but it is just a loophole in front of a defect. To do this you must add animations not always clear of enemy patterns: it is almost impossible to locate the frame in which the rider placed along the path of Kerykos will strike with his spear, making it even more complex to make the parade with the right timing.
The bar of life goes down, but the questions remain. making it even more complex to make the parade with the right timing. The bar of life goes down, but the questions remain. making it even more complex to make the parade with the right timing. The bar of life goes down, but the questions remain.