Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

In 2015, the year it is impossible to imagine a gamer without internet access. There’s everything: Steam with a collection of games, console services, YouTube, Twitch and other necessary tools.
Games are constantly offer (almost imposed) network components and sometimes even require a permanent Internet connection. It all might have turned out good, but led in the first place to the fact that developers are now able to produce unfinished product, bringing users the endless late DLC and patches. Ten years ago, to release “zabagovannuyu” game meant to put a cross on it – today it is solved a couple of “patches”.

Studios “old school” who do not niggle, there are not many, and From Softwaremaintains its reputation. Her releases do not require intensive revision, and the DLC format out bulky add-ons that are in the best of times called addons. Therefore, The Old Hunters buy strictly necessary to anyone who wants a little more Bloodborne .

Hunter Hunter Hunter

If you regularly update the game to the PSN, then congratulations: DLC already downloaded and installed without the knowledge of you, so as soon as the purchase is issued, you can immediately throw a new hunt. Forced it is loaded to all players received new multiplayer covenants of which later.

Content additions will be available only after the victory over the Vicar of Amelia: just go to the Dream-Hunter, to take a couple of things at the messengers and hide behind a tree right in the Cathedral District. Amygdala take you huge paws and will transfer to the Nightmare Hunter.

In addition to tear right after it opened – not the best solution. Level, which you earn by the time (probably a little higher than 40), turn the passage into hell: this is the most difficult part of the already difficult game. Woe to him who gets to The Old Hunters only on New Game +, or even later – to a certain point “bosses” do not hesitate to kill the hero with a single blow.

In an attempt to understand the story of what is happening motivated community will still be a long time to puzzle – is, as the history of development of said characters, and entirely new places and events, dark and frightening, even for this world. One thing is certain: the space where we carry, like Border Nightmare – torn fragment of reality, in which hunters are isolated, succumbed to bloodlust.

The first location – it is distorted Cathedral District, as if a strong earthquake survivor: the land was covered with hills and hillocks, new cubbyhole and unexpected routes. After a while the terrain at all turns into a bloody mess with forever groaning skeletons.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters game review

Eye of Sauron glances throughout the passage. Surely in this there is a piece of “Laura.”

The main “new recruits” in the native fauna – it is the hunters. Previously, if they met in Yarname then they were local “polubossami” disappear forever after death. Now, in addition, armed psychopaths will whip you constantly chains: the number of lives is reduced, less deadly weapon, but the speed and aggressiveness remained. In addition, today announced several new types of monsters that spit poison the blood; Updated giants shoot at you from a cannon and waving halberds. Even on the 120 level all this causes some inconvenience.

The second location is a little more interesting, but also not distracting from the overall number of decorations Bloodborne– High tower consisting of endless weaving and piling up the stairs, like a maze. Without proper care, you can get stuck at a good hour, fighting off several new types of enemies and completing quests local (in addition there are several the NPC, which can provide all possible assistance).

Finally, having got out of the tower through a huge dial, the player gets to the third and most interesting areas. Fishing village with visual point of view is completely different from anything you’ve seen in a game before. Gameplay, however, throws up no surprises, neither she nor one of the other stages.

The new “bosses” is very good. And if the final battle pleases unless decorations, the rest are fine in almost every way. Fight with Ludwig, for example – a classic: something huge jumps through half of the arena, and beat him, you can only heels.

An unusual battle with live failure – beings who could not become great: numerous enemies are attacking from all sides, parallel to cast a spell. But the best – it is certainly the Lady Mary in the watch tower: it changes the nature of three strokes, each time becoming more and more dangerous. On the quality of performances is generally almost the best battle in the entire game.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters game review

“The animals do not feed! Behind the fence not to climb! “

Old Hunter plow will not spoil

in the study of new territories we have to replenish inventory and wardrobe. Things a lot, so fragments bloodstone better stock up in advance.

The main thing – to fully compensate for the lack of weapons for the right hand, on which many fans complained of Souls .

Eleven new rukopashyh tools cater to all: there is also a fairly standard items, and quite exotic. Although blade Ludwig still remains firm, the simplest and most powerful weapon, and PvP lovers thin “customization” of the character will be a lot to experiment. That there is a sword-bow – one of the best long-range guns! Worthy field studies are also offered by the hammer and Katana – weighty and at the same time, the rapid weapon.