Blades now has an Arena and no timers on chests – Gambling

Bethesda Releases Today's Largest Update The elder scrolls: blades, significantly revising the project's economy in favor of the player, first of all by removing the timers for opening chests and increasing the amount of loot dropped.

Now, at the end of each quest, players will have a mini-boss, for killing whom legendary equipment will fall.

By the way, the developers will return all the gems that the players managed to spend during the early access on expanding the space for chests in the warehouse – a message appears when you openArenas". Yes, the game finally has competitive mode (PvP), which lasts until two victories.

In addition, "Guilds», Whose members can exchange materials, communicate in a special chat and travel to the cities of their associates.

Among other changes:

  • it has snowed in the game and the New Year celebration will begin soon
  • increased total capacity of the hero's bag
  • more destructible objects appeared on the levels.

The patch weighs 1.1 gigabytes.

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Now the city looks like this