Black Desert Online

You see that there is potential, more than enough material to shape an epic adventure of those who mark time, but this work of the Korean studio


 Pearl Abyss never gets to take advantage of all its virtues. And we have the best example in their battles. They are a sight to see, as there are few titles of the style with a combat systemas complete and profound as t


hat presented by Black Desert Online, in which combos and elusive are everything to achieve success. The problem is that the enemies to beat are so to speak stupid, that in the end these contests will be resolved in most cases in the simplest and roughest imagina


ble: crushing the same attacks again and again. Neither elusive nor super combos or anything at all; always the same. And it is a real pity.


The options are there but the magic is lost as soon as you have enemies who as a rule react late and badly to all our attacks. They do not defend themselves as they should nor do they attack with the expected forcefulness, so for many impossible stunts and


combos that we perform, we will soon stop enjoying fully battles that certainly gave for much more. Fortunately, there are the duels against


other players to improve some of these sensations, although unlike the recent Blade & Soul, the 1 vs 1 matches do not reach the desired excellence. Different case is the one of the massive battles carried out by the varied armies in which the players will be able to enlist.



Total war between factions

In the line of great classics such as Ultima Online or Everquest, this MMORPG seeks from the first moment to immerse yourself in a living and

 constantly evolving world where you truly feel that your actions matter. That’s why apart from the fighting against monsters, obviously ther
e are lots of them, Black Desert attaches great importance to the social relations between players and, also, to the inhabitants of this spectacular universe of fantasy, with whom we will hav
e to engage “Friendship” to unlock new missions and game options. An idea that seems fantastic, because it invites you to seek affinities through a curious minigame, although in the long run this mechanics becomes repetitive and not very fun.


Black Desert Online analysis

Relate to other characters will be essential to unlock missions: you have to look for points of interest in common, and for this you need to investigate.

What does not help the black desert plot poverty . It is so unoriginal and anodyne story that counts, that after a few hours we will stop payin


g attention to what they have to tell us the many NPCs with whom we will cross the road. Even worse. Sometimes


we will not even bother to talk to them about many missions that we let slip. Such is the degree of saturation that generates, because it also makes the mistake of diluting the main plot in a myriad of inconsequential stories that little help the game.


Better sensations leaves when talking about the relationship between players, which can be grouped into large guilds capable of taking cont


rol of regions and strengths that then, of course, will have to defend against the attacks of other factions. This is where Black Desert shows its best face, as we said before, because there is nothing like a duel in epic pitched battle


s in which two hundred fighters can congregate. Explosions, acrobatic jumps followed by a strong swords, dodges at the last moment, towers falling u


nder the fury of fire … so spectacular is the staging and so impressive is the technical section of the game, which is currently impossible to find a title of style so powerful at the graphic level .


Black Desert Online PC

The Pearl Abyss game has a huge potential, but it does not shine with the expected splendor

The animations of the heroes, the level of detail achieved both in their faces and in the clothes they wear, the artistic design of monsters and adv

enturers, the variety of locations … everything in Black Desert presents a graphic level so overwhelming that it is even more incredible It works perfectly with thousands of players enjoying the action at the same time. It’s a techni
cal demanding game, of course, but its performanceeven in more modest equipment it is very meritorious. You will lose some detail and ye
s, some objects may appear suddenly out of nowhere, but as if to complain about a show like this. In addition, the game of Pearl Abyss invites us to freely explore the imposing scenarios that make up thi
s fantasy world, allowing us to overcome walls and other obstacles of the style with graceful athletic movements. The feeling at t
he end is to be in front of an authentic open world and not one of those games that take you from hand to hand.


Black Desert Online

Craftsmen and warriors

Beyond the intensity of the battles Black Desert also stands out for its crafts and trade system. Either alone or together with the allies in t

he guild, you can hire the services of several workers to collect resources at key points of the mapping, which for its attractiveness will also be a faction dispute zone . You can also do it for yourself, although everything relat
ed to work, search for affinity with characters and others has an energy cost that recalls the free-to-play character of the work in its origins,
although fortunately it is well adapted to the New business model for which the game is bet in the West: it recovers with relative ease without having to pay or spend hours in front of the PC.


Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online PC

The world of Black Desert is full of areas of interest from which we will obtain resources directly or through the employees we hire.

With the resources in our power, which are not few precisely, we can go to various craftsmen to make all kinds of objects, in addition to b


uying a house to enjoy there our spare time or a large store where to leave the belongings we collect during the departur


e. We already said it before. Black Desert wants you to feel inside a virtual world alive and in constant evolution, and all these options walk in tha


t direction. Do you want to dedicate yourself to fishing? You can do it from being that rookie who spends hours on the beach to see if “catch something”, the veteran who already with his own boat sails the seas in search of the best pieces.


Even commercial routes can be established to obtain economic returns for these items. And the best thing here is that you will physica


lly see how these wagons travel from here to there with the goods; what a great detail. Also the differences between the different character classes , which although not as many as those seen in other games of the style, at least do feel un


ique. In addition there is some freedom to adapt each class of hero to our own style of combat choosing from a wide range of improvements and special abilities.


There are many options available to us, although perhaps you are missing something more in depth in some of them, and also good tuto


rials that adequately explain how to carry out these activities and the benefits they bring. The fact that they launch you on the adventure and


in a matter of minutes approach you with all these activities can scare the most painted, and others will not even realize the enormous potential that hides this fantasy world that does not always shine as it deserves.


Everything in Black Desert presents an overwhelming graphic level

The missions , for example, follow the line of what is seen in so many other MMOs, although they do not manage to catch you in the same measure. The story is bad, we said before, but also the very development of these tasks is unattractive, being mostly a

succession of battles against dozens and dozens of monsters that will resist little resistance to blows. And that bores and becomes repetitive. Black Desert also lacks a good final PvE content: they are missing dungeons, raids and all those special missions that in
vite you to team up with other players. Beyond the massive battles between guilds, in these games the Pearl Abyss game is not one of the best, no matter how much its battles are spectacular.