Big Leak: Demon Slitting Blade: Endless Train anime leaked prematurely due to PS Store bug

Animated film “Demon Cuts Blade: The Endless Train“held in Russia under the name”Demon Slayer: Infinity Train“, due to a technical failure in the American segment of the digital store PlayStation Store ahead of time became available for viewing.

According to eyewitnesses, last night for three whole hours, all the owners Playstation 4 could quite legally acquire “Endless train“in Japanese dub and with English subtitles via PS Store… At the same time, the official Western digital release of the film should take place only in June.

By now the bug has been fixed – it is no longer possible to buy anime, but according to Western media, it could get on torrents, which could damage fees outside of Japan.

It is noteworthy that right now “Demon Cuts Blade: The Endless Train“shown in American cinemas – the film was released with English dubbing. The Russian premiere of the film is scheduled for May 20

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